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14 New Qi-Compliant Wireless Transmitter and Receiver Coils in Industry-Standard Sizes

Vishay Intertechnology expands its offering of Qi-compliant wireless charging transmitter and receiver coils. Vishay has now introduced 14 new products in industry-standard shield sizes.

Vishay Intertechnology

Consisting of eight single-coil transmitters (Tx), three three-coil transmitters (Tx), and three single-coil receivers (Rx), the Vishay Dale products released offer:
• Designers a source for the most popular sizes used in Qi wireless charging pads for handheld battery-powered devices.
• Available Tx coil types include A11, A6, MP-A9, MP-A6, MP-A4, and MP-A2.
• The transmitters offer power ratings from 5 W to 15 W, while receivers feature power ratings of 3.5 W and 5 W.
• The RoHS-compliant coils operate over temperatures from -40 °C to +125 °C and offer inductance tolerance of +10 %.
• All configurations are customizable to customer specifications upon request.

Product Specification Table

Part #TypePower rating (W)Inductance (µH)Typ. QTyp. DCR (mΩ)Max. DCR (mΩ)Typ. heat rating current (A)
@ 100 kHz@25 °C
IWTX50R0CZEB6R3KF1A11 Tx5 to 156.312036455
IWTX50R0DZEB6R3KF1A 11Tx5 to 156.390182510
IWTX55R0DZEB8R9KF1MP-A4 Tx158.998.547556
IWTX5050CZEB6R3KF1A 11 Tx5 to 156.312036455
IWTX5050DZEB6R3KF1A11 Tx5 to 156.390182510
IWTX5555DEEB100KF1MP-A2 Tx15109955806
IWTX9955DEEB110KF3*MP-A6 Tx1511.38576906.5
IWTXA653FZEB120KF3*A6 Tx5 to 1011.5 / 12.512360806.5
IWTXA148DGEB9R8KF3*MP-A9159.8 / 10.260807.0
IWTX5050DEEB100KF1Tx5 to 15102002729.79
IWTX5050FEEB100KF1Tx5 to 15102002729.79

*Three coils


Samples and production quantities of the new wireless charging transmitter and receiver coils are available now, with lead times of 10 weeks for large orders.

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