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2019 Will be a Year of Both Technology Challenges and Clarity – Riverbed Report

Riverbed Report

As 2018 draws to a close, Riverbed Technology announces its predictions for 2019. Although the implications of widespread adoption of connected devices, automated networking processes, and other emerging technologies remain hazy, Riverbed’s forecast for 2019 indicates it will be a year of both challenges and clarity.

“Disruptive technologies demand agility and increased performance from businesses in every sector. With the constant advancements in technology, next-gen infrastructure offerings like Riverbed’s SD-WAN solution will play a central role in optimizing the delivery of digital services to both enterprises and end users,” said Sundar Iyer, Director of Riverbed India.

Below are Riverbed’s top predictions for 2019:

Breakthroughs Led by the Mashup of Technologies- The next few years will see major breakthroughs arising through the marriage of different technologies. For example, we will see the modern supply chain transform with the convergence of blockchain, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and grid computing.

New technologies such as automation, AI and machine learning will advance to the point that they become viable options for businesses in 2019. To remain relevant and effective, CTOs will need to develop a solid knowledge base in these areas, understand the possible challenges and appreciate how the technologies can best be leveraged for long-term IT strategies.

Expect IoT Security Breaches- The rapid adoption of Internet of Things applications can be attributed to the affordability of many IoT devices. In 2019, we’ll see widespread security breaches stemming from lax security across IoT devices. Smart security investments and re-engineered devices should be prioritized over ease of access. While this may slowdown the adoption of IoT devices, it will prove to be crucial to the long-term success of the technology.

Enterprises Cut the Cord- For enterprises, the forecast for 2019 isn’t all doom and gloom. The year will also bring freedom from the persistent “last-mile” telecommunications problem. With the advancements in LTE, the technology will finally reach a point where the physical cables that connect end-users to their internet service providers will no longer be a necessity. End users directly connecting to 5G will eventually also bypass the local Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Performance Monitoring and Digital Experience Management (DEM)- Companies will begin to place more emphasis on visibility into their new digital environments that enable them to measure and manage the performance of their applications. Digital Experience Management (DEM) can provide customers with the quantifiable results they need to address key business savings, growth opportunities and outcomes on digital investments.

Data Sciences, Predictive Analysis and Data Compliance- The substantial amount of data received and created will require the application of AI and ML to be readily understood and for organizations to deliver a truly seamless and optimal customer experience. As a result, data science techniques and predictive analytics are going to become more mainstream.

However, the notion of privacy with regards to the data being collected across the board, is raising many concerns. While different countries are taking different stances, all agree that personal and sensitive data must be protected.

Increased Investment in Next-Gen Infrastructure- Organizations are beginning to see the value and significance of investing in next-gen infrastructure that helps accelerate their network and app performance. Software-defined networking in a wide area network or SD-WAN will quickly become the solution of choice for many enterprises. It features built-in automation, and the ability to quickly respond to threats will supplement the adoption of SD-WAN at scale, across all major industries.

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