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2020 Technology Predictions by IEEE Impact Creators

Sukanya Mandal, IEEE Member and Data Science Professional

Sukanya Mandal“I think extended reality, 5G Networks and AI as-a-service would see more light in the year 2020, but it comes with its own challenges such as  the following :

  • Extended reality although is existing for quite some time but it was mostly prevalent to the gaming industry. It needs to get its way through other industries as it has significant benefits. Also without mass adoption the cost to create such applications are high!
  • 5G Networks: Billions of devices are getting connected but that poses a serious constraint on bandwidth and challenge to the security in terms of how things are managed over the network. Also speed is another factor that remotely connected sensor hub demands.
  • AI as-a-service: While most companies have started to explore AI, but owning and maintaining such systems is a biggest challenge cost wise!

The biggest opportunities are the growth and adoption of 5G adoption worldwide, means a plethora of opportunities for IoT to thrive and expand. Many solutions that are in ideation phase could see life. The sole reason being 5G is the solution to all challenges posed by IoT in terms of connectivity. Extended reality mainstream adoption enables new doors towards many new opportunities. Besides, more adoption by industries means a reduction in cost. As more and more providers gives AI-as-a-service, we will see a massive growth of AI democratization.

Hence, the top 3 predictions for 2020 could be that IoT with 5G would be more prevalent; Industries would be more adoptive towards AI, more and more such industries would be data intensive and we will see a rise of extended reality application all over again. “

Dr. Hardik Pathak, IEEE Senior  Member,  IEEE Industrial  Application Society

“ I believe that the 3 biggest challenges ahead in 2020 would be the implementation of Electric vehicle usage, harvesting solar energy and meeting power demands in the country. There are various opportunities ahead for India in 2020, as we look forward to getting efficient and economical solar infrastructure, minimizing the power losses to compensate the power demand. Moving forward we also await to see how there would be more employment opportunities created in diversified sectors”

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