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Can 3D Hologram Replace Business Travel?

3D Hologram Replaces Video Calls is one such technology that can easily resolve the issue of travel restrictions that barred countless people to boost their company’s relation and lead to canceled conferences around the globe.

3D Hologram Replaces Video CallsOn the verge of entering 2022, remanent traces of pandemic virus can still be seen shackling the world.

Travel Industry is said to be one of the most affected sectors till now due to repeated retractions getting imposed on it from time to time in different parts of the world.

Regardless, one silver lining in the clouds in the whole lockdown period was the evolution of technology that helped us cope with the mess left behind.

And one such innovation that gave us hope for the future was the advent of Hologram Technology, a new field that evolved around 3D Image Projection.

Now you would be wondering why I suggested Hologram Technology when we were just talking about travel right?

Let me enlighten you with their relation, since travel around the globe becomes an arduous task in itself, the technology that came to save the day was none other than 3D Hologram Replaces Video Calls Technology.

As the name suggests, 3D Hologram Replaces Video Calls is one such technology that can easily resolve the issue of travel restrictions that barred countless people to boost their company’s relation and lead to canceled conferences around the globe.

However, before citing some examples of how 3D Hologram Replaces Video Calls solved the issue of traveling, and the companies who are working on leveraging this innovative technology to the forefront, let us explore some basics of Hologram Technology and its inner working that makes it unique.

Understanding Hologram Technology

3D HologramBelieve it or not, but the idea of a Hologram first came into existence by accident in 1947 when Dennis Gabor, a Hungarian-British physicist was doing some experiments on an electron microscope.

However, the technology remains stagnant in 1960 until Russian scientists invented a Laser whose intense light was ideal to make holograms.

To sum it up, Holography can be defined as a unique method of photography wherein 3D objects are recorded using a laser and are later restored as precisely as possible to match the originally recorded object.

Illuminated via a laser, the restored 3D photograph or hologram then forms an exact 3D clone of the object while duplicating its features.

In simpler words, Holography is referred to as a photographic technique that records the light scattered from an object to present it afterward as three-dimensional.

The hologram in general can be seen all around us like in most driver’s licenses holograms are used.

They are also used in ID cards and credit cards as well as come as part of CD, DVD, Blu-Ray too.

3D Holograms Replaces Video Calls 

Hologram Video CallsThe concept of 3D Hologram Replaces Video Calls came way before the technology was properly developed.

You guessed right, Sci-Fi movies showed this technology as one of the most trending technology in the early 1970s along with its implementation where 3D Hologram Replaces Video Calls.

The acute difference that separates 3D Hologram from any other technology is that in this, an object that isn’t there, but it looks like it is where the real object can be replaced with recorded 3D images that are either floating in mid-air or are standing on a nearby surface.

Some of the big corporations that are integrating this technology already include Microsoft with its HoloLens headset, Apple using it in ARKit, and Google has also introduced holograms in ARCore.

3D Hologram displays are slowly becoming the next step that will dominate the human-compatible digital content with its limitless applications.

3D Replaces Video Calls Technology is one such transforming application.

Citing one such recent example where 3D Hologram Replaces Video Calls was the incident where a Swiss Chief Executive of luxury watch brand IWC, Christoph Grainger-Herr who wanted to fly to a global trade show in China was barred from traveling because of Covid-19 restrictions.

Undeterred with the situation, he decided to make his entry Star Trek style where he attended the show as a life-size, 3D Hologram in 4K resolution.

Leveraging 3D Hologram Technology, he was able to talk, see and hear the people who were physically attending the ongoing event.

And this was made possible by a Los Angeles-based US holograms firm, Portl who used his app-controlled software system and portal to beam the 3D Hologram of Christoph via the internet.

According to the company, they have built phone booth-sized machines that could beam live person into our living room wherein 3D Hologram Replaces Video Calls.

And this was one of the many examples where 3D Hologram Replaces Video Calls.

Leading Big Tech company, Microsoft also launched Mesh, a new mixed reality platform, that enables people in different places to join and share their holographic experiences.

Additionally, this platform can also give the user the experience of being in concerts, theater or with their family and friends even when the person is not physically there.

Companies Integrating 3D Hologram Replaces Video Calls Technology

CISCO: A renowned name in IT Sector, Cisco launched new technology where 3D Hologram Replaces Video Calls and is already being used by businesses like McLaren Racing.

Portl: Headquartered in Los Angeles, Portl presents an app-controlled software model that could beam a 3D Hologram of a person wherever its portal system is present.

8i: Company centered around 3D Hologram, 8i offers a complete setup where capture, transform and stream of a live person can take place.

DVE Holographic: Another 3D Hologram-focused company, DVE Holographic offers DVE Immersion Room as well as DVE Holo Podium as two of its renowned offerings.


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