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4baseCare & Cellworks Deliver Personalized Cancer Care

4baseCare has partnered with Cellworks Group, Inc., a US-based company and world leader in Personalized Cancer Medicine in the key therapeutic areas of Oncology and Immunology.

Cellworks As a part of this association, the organizations will further their capabilities in personalized cancer care and treatment strategy based on advanced clinical insights through genomics-based molecular profiling and biosimulation.

Speaking on the strategic collaboration, Hitesh Goswami, CEO, 4baseCare, said, “We are constantly working towards delivering our promise of precision medicine to help personalize the treatment for Indian cancer patients. With this collaboration, for the first time, Indian oncologists would have access to the most advanced bio-simulation based molecular reports for personalizing treatment of their cancer patients.”

“We look forward to collaborating with 4baseCare and utilizing TarGT Absolute to provide oncologists in India with personalized therapy predictions that improve patient outcomes,” said Michele Macpherson, Chief Business Officer at Cellworks Group.

The collaboration aims to deliver greater insights to the oncology fraternity, predict patient therapy responses and enable therapy selection resulting in optimal treatment outcomes.

4baseCare has developed a strong portfolio of Cancer gene panels to identify actionable insights for personalized cancer therapy.

Within these, the TarGT Absolute test from 4baseCare is the most comprehensive test with a whole-exome and transcriptome approach to identify DNA and RNA alterations in 20,000 genes.

The comprehensive molecular insights of 4baseCare’s TarGT Absolute test will be further advanced through Cellworks personalized cancer therapy predictions for front-line and refractory patients and will guide oncologists in India to select the optimal treatment strategy for each patient.

In addition, knowing each patient’s response to therapies before treatment will enable oncologists to personalize drug selection, avoid unnecessary treatments and improve patient outcomes.

The Cellworks Biosimulation Platform and Computational Omics Biology Model (CBM) utilizes next genome sequencing (NGS) data and other patient-specific data, such as transcriptomics, to predict individual patient responses to therapies.

Cellworks’ biosimulated predictions are made available to the physician and patient based on a Therapy Response Index (TRI) within Cellworks Singulaä, and Cellworks Venturaä reports.


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