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5 Videos on Car Applications to Help Them See, Talk, and Perform Better

automotive camera

The video below is on our new automotive camera solutions, the VG6768, a 2.5 megapixels rolling shutter imager. The image sensor is a great way to implement an electronic rear-view mirror, for example, since it is natively immune from LED light flicker and motion artifacts. Traffic signs, car lights, and digital signage no longer appear as distracting flickers on the user’s screen and its 60 frame-per-second capture, HD resolution, as well as its 145 dB HDR capabilities, rather than the traditional 120 dB, offer a much crisper, more intricate, and more accurate picture for a better and safer user experience. It’s also a symbolic step because it’s the level of performance many car manufacturers were waiting for before designing these solutions for their mainstream models.

Our new imager will work with traditional standalone ISPs, and our goal is to offer flexible sensors that fit in the broadest range of designs possible, but teams looking to benefit from a fuller solution can choose our STV0971 DSP. The fact that we offer the image sensor and ISP exemplifies our holistic approach to the automotive industry which focuses on helping engineers create applications. It’s common in the industry to start with a specification sheet and a list of requirements. However, when customers visit our website, they can first decide the type of system they want to create, and the features they want to offer, rather than merely looking at technical specifications or a list of devices. This approach can help designers take a step back and better look at the entirety of their work. Let’s see how this top-down approach can inform design decisions.

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