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Amantya Technologies Announces 5G Lab Solution

An all-in-one solution to test and optimize 5G products in a live test environment, Amantya’s Network-in-a-Box comes pre-integrated with fully functional SA 5G Core and FR1 RAN.

Amantya Technologies has launched its 5G Lab solution, an end-to-end 5G testing & simulation platform to address the needs of the growing 5G products and solutions market.

5gLeveraging Amantya’s 5G lab solution, telecom operators, device manufacturers, network equipment providers, and independent software vendors can validate and integrate 5G products and applications in a real 5G radio environment to accelerate end-user adoption. The company has deployed its latest 5G innovation, a unique all-in-one 5G Network-in-a-Box (NIAB), to build the 5G lab solution.

Amantya’s 5G NIAB is a plug & play solution, ideal for creating 5G testing & simulation environments. It comes pre-integrated with a fully-functional 5G Standalone (SA) Core and high-performing Radio Access Network (FR1 RAN). The compact and portable NIAB is 3GPP Rel 15 standards-compliant (Rel 16 in the roadmap) and can have an entire 5G network up and running within minutes. It can operate in different deployment modes and supports multiple frequency bands within the FR1 range, making it suitable for various use cases in testing and simulation. A robust solution with a GUI-based intuitive and interactive user interface, Amantya’s NIAB supports multiple bands using software-defined radio and enables easy integration with commercial UEs. The NIAB solution, developed to meet the evolving needs of Amantya’s rapidly growing global clientele, doesn’t require any existing infrastructure.

“Worldwide, there is a massive rollout of 5G networks, and our customers are looking at efficient, cost-effective, and integrated solutions to test and deploy these networks. We are thrilled to announce the launch of Amantya’s 5G Lab solution. It is built using our latest 5G creation, a highly advanced 5G Network-in-a-Box, dedicated to testing, experimentation, and discovery around 5G. The solution is fully equipped to accelerate 5G’s adoption by offering tailored testing and simulation services to our customers and partners,” said Anuradha Gupta, Founder & CEO of Amantya Technologies, Inc., announcing the launch.

“In the current dynamic era of complex ecosystems and high consumer expectations, delivering immersive and flawless digital experiences is increasingly challenging and crucial. The smallest aberration can risk losing the competitive edge, innovation, market opportunity, customers, and revenue. Therefore, the pivotal role of comprehensive and intelligent testing in ensuring Quality of Experience (QoE) and Quality of Service (QoS) at every stage of 5G, from development to deployment, cannot be stressed enough. Amantya’s 5G Lab solution, built using our latest unique offering, 5G Network-in-a-Box, provides the necessary cutting-edge infrastructure to bridge the gap from ideation to launch of transformative 5G solutions,” further added Sanjay Bisen, CTO.

“At Amantya, we constantly reinvent ourselves to stay at the forefront of innovation. Amantya’s 5G lab represents a new milestone in the company’s rapidly evolving 5G portfolio and supports existing business projects and new research and innovation initiatives. It will help position our clients as active contributors to the co-innovation ecosystem vital to supporting the digital transformation of the telecommunications landscape. This is a huge step forward for us and a moment of great pride and achievement,” further added Indraneil Deb, AVP – Product Management.


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