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5G Testing Market Is Growing From R&D To Production To Field Testing

Madhukar Tripathi
Madhukar Tripathi, Head- MARCOM & OPTICAL PRODUCTS at Anritsu India Pvt. Ltd

Wireless technologies have evolved at a rapid pace and for it whom to laud than the test-equipment manufacturers. Without their aptness advanced work in defining new standards, test procedures, and test gear, product R&D wouldn’t be possible. RF engineers may need the functions of two or more analyzer types, and often more than they initially purchase. In this column, Madhukar Tripathi, Head- MARCOM & OPTICAL PRODUCTS at Anritsu India Pvt. Ltd pens down emerging trends and Anritsu’s competence in emerging wireless test technologies.

1. What are the trends shaping the wireless test?

Wireless testing market is growing due to the introduction of fifth generation telecom standards i.e. 5G. 5G created a new thought process towards various new use cases. This means new application-oriented technological development is shaping in the telecom sector. Therefore the 5G testing market is growing from R&D to production to field testing.

Connected Cars, IoT, IIoT some of the new areas where wireless technology will play a key role.

  1. With advanced and complex technologies like IoT, 5G keeping the market ebullient how wireless testing instruments evolve to cap the trend?

Due to new wireless standards related to 5G, new test methods have evolved. Anritsu is ready to address such testing need.  Our Field Master Pro MS2090A is suitable for  5GNR base station measurement – Field Master Pro validate the performance of the gNB base station with essential measurements that are in full compliance with 3GPP TS 38.104 V15

RF technologies are reaching into ever more areas of our lives and the RF spectrum at all frequencies is becoming more crowded. In addition to the spectrum demands of cellular systems sub-6 GHz for mobile applications, 5G radios are now being deployed at 28 GHz and 39 GHz. 5G radios are implementing new technologies including Active Antenna Systems that use beamforming to maximize range and efficiency. This is forcing changes to the way networks are tested, including a move toward over-the-air testing and use of test model waveforms.

Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A is a new platform for developing 5G communications terminals, chipsets and devices. With support for both signaling and RF tests, this all-in-one platform can be configured easily for various tests, including RF, protocol, and use-case tests matching the module construction. Anritsu—the leader in 4G testing—is also now taking the lead in 5G.

All world leading chipset R&D, manufacturing companies are using  Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A to lead 5G terminal market.

  1. Versatility, diversification while keeping the time-to-market window in mind, how challenging has this market become and what strategies does your company comply?

Anritsu has been the industry leader for test and measurement requirement of all new technologies. We work closely with telecom leaders to provide them with application-specific testing tools and help them for time to market.

Anritsu has leveraged its long experience in supporting worldwide customers’ 3G/4G (LTE) testing needs to develop a full range of 5G measurement solutions for makers of 5G products, including chipset vendors.

Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A supports both 5G NR RF measurements and protocol tests in sub-6 GHz and millimeter wave bands with the base station emulation function. Moreover, it supports not only 5G SA (Standalone) but also NSA (non-Standalone) mode with the customer’s existing LTE measurement assets.

Anritsu MT8000A

  1. For mmWave, test economics must improve in order to scale mmWave technology from small volume applications to mainstream (high volume) consumer applications. Your focus into mmWave testing technologies.

Understanding in-building propagation will be important for the success of the coming 5Gmobile communication technologies. Anritsu is a leader in mmWave measurement test equipment and offers both equipment and software to make it easy to measure in-building coverage of the new 5G spectrum.

Power Master MA24507A: Power Master is an ultraportable, USB-powered mmWave power analyzer that enables simple, numeric, frequency-based measurement of RF power from 9 kHz to 70 GHz and as low as -90 dBm. Traditional power meters are broadband and have limited power ranges, so engineers and technicians are using spectrum analyzers that include many unneeded features, cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and take up half the test bench just to make simple, frequency-based RF amplitude measurements. The Power Master MA24507A enables those measurements in a USB-powered device slightly bigger than a smartphone and at a fraction of the price of a spectrum analyzer.

  • Low power capability to measure signals as low as –90 dBm
  • Excellent for over-the-air testing, especially with mmWave signals that have high propagation loss
  • User settings to control measurement speeds and noise floor
  • Channel Monitor mode in PowerXpert for monitoring up to six frequency channels at once
  • Power Hunter mode in PowerXpert for searching up to six signals within a frequency range
  • Mounting holes for direct mounting to connect probes for over-the-air or on-wafer testing

Field Master Pro MS2090A

Anritsu’s Field Master Pro MS2090A RF spectrum analyzer delivers performance never previously available in a compact, handheld instrument. With continuous frequency coverage from 9 kHz to 54 GHz, the Field Master Pro MS2090A is specifically designed to meet the challenges a full range of other wireless technologies in use today, including: 5G, wireless backhaul, aerospace/defense, satellite systems, and radar.

Applications: Delivering the highest levels of performance available in a handheld RF spectrum analyzer, the Field Master Pro MS2090A instrument gives field engineers and technicians unparalleled measurement accuracy previously reserved for only benchtop instruments.

  • Interference hunting and spectrum clearing networks – fast sweep speeds, low distortion front-end, and spectrogram display help deploy new network efficiently, ensuring spectrums are clear and validating that all legacy users have stopped all transmission.
  • Broadcast transmitter analysis – a comprehensive range of transmitter measurements – including: harmonic, spurious, occupied bandwidth, channel power, and adjacent channel power – ensures conformity to regulatory requirements
  • Microwave radio links – with a frequency option up to 54 GHz and exceptional sensitivity for dish alignment, power and modulation bandwidth can be verified during installation or maintenance testing with a waveguide horn antenna.
  • Satellite system monitoring – ideal for monitoring downlink signals to search for interference and noise
  • 5GNR base station measurement – validate the performance of the gNB base station with essential measurements that are in full compliance with 3GPP TS 38.104 V15, including:
    • frequency error
    • time offset
    • cell/sector ID
    • modulation quality
    • unwanted emissions
    • occupied bandwidth
    • adjacent channel leakage ratio
    • transmitter spurious to 12.75 GHz
    • EIRP
    • synchronization signal block (SSB)
  • 5G coverage mapping – receive a clear representation of the signal strength of 5G transmitters over intended geographic area by continuously measuring RF data – including 5G channel power, EIRP, or RSRP – with results graphically displayed on a digital map or building floor plan.

7. Lastly, your dominance in the wireless testing space, one key product and your comments, respectively.

Anritsu Test Station MT8000A
Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A

All-in-One Support for RF Measurements and Protocol Tests in Sub-6 GHz and Millimeter Wave Bands.

With a 5G base station emulation function, a single MT8000A test platform supports both the sub-6 GHz, including band n41, and the millimeter wave bands used by 5G. Combining it with the OTA Chamber enables both millimeter wave band RF measurements and beamforming tests using call connections specified by 3GPP.


    • All-in-One Support for RF Measurements and Protocol Tests in Sub-6 GHz and Millimeter Wave Bands
    • Supports mm-wave band RF measurements and beam forming tests combined use with the RF chamber.
    • Flexible Platform using Modular Architecture
    • Supports Existing LTE Test Environment


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