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5G – Expectations from the Next Gen of Networks

As the industry paces up for a new year, expectations are high and so are the opportunities to bring in change or new trends that are reminisced. 5G, the much hyped and talked about technology of 2018 has already made its entry in countries like South Korea. India is yet to ascertain the benefits of this “faster than 4G” technology and the anticipations for how it’s going to change the industry scenario.

5G is likely to bring about a difference, more than what 4G and 4G LTE couldn’t achieve.

The few 5G trends that can be expected in the near future are as below:

  1. The Data Becomes Exponential

As predicted by a Gartner study, the number of connected devices to grow from 23 billion to 31 billion by 2020. So it is only valid that 5G is going to take the data volume to a new pinnacle. The volume of data is bound to grow at an exponential rate as IoT devices become more and more common and data is processed at a much higher speed.

  1. Everything Smart- A Reality

The 5G network although deemed to be highly utilized during the second half of 2019; it still paves way for building a smart world. Fast data speeds, higher network bandwidth, and lower latency mean smart cities, connected transport, smart healthcare, and manufacturing will become closer to reality.

5G trends

  1. Advantageous for both Consumers & Enterprises

With the adoption of 5G technology in the coming years, questions will rise in regard to who is benefitting the most. The answer is quite simple. Both. 5G will come to consumers first with high-speed internet service for the home. Many devices like smartphones and hotspots will be introduced for when the user is not home. When those devices launch, consumers will immediately benefit from the speed and capacity of 5G on mobile phones, and over time, be able to experience all of the new and exciting services (e.g., AR/VR, mobile gaming) available.

As for the enterprises, 5G will be transformative and part of a broad set of innovations with positive impact across many verticals. There will be new solutions introduced that will transform supply chain management, healthcare and create smarter, more efficient manufacturing.

  1. Autonomous Vehicles Take Control

5G called as the next gen of network and connectivity is transform the current scenario of autonomous driving. 5G is touted to offer connectivity speeds up to 100 times faster than 4G, presenting the automotive industry with exciting possibilities for vehicle to vehicle (V2V) and vehicle to everything (V2X) connectivity. For the safe and reliable functioning of autonomous vehicles, the wide-area connectivity will complement the power of the onboard sensors and decision making by providing situational awareness and extend the vehicle’s ability to look down the road to make decisions in a fraction of a second.

  1. Healthcare Gets Efficient

The effort to create a connected world would not be difficult with the 5G domination. Many agree that with 5G in place, healthcare industry would get a complete transformation. Telemedicine is going to expand with 5G. Healthcare systems can enable mobile networks to handle telemedicine appointments, which can greatly increase the reach of the program. When healthcare systems utilize this technology, patients can often get treated sooner and have access to specialists otherwise not available. It can also allow doctors and other staff members to collaborate more efficiently.

Healthcare Gets Efficient


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