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7 Steps to Keep Safe with Cybercrime and Data Breaches on the Up

Curran IEEE
Kevin Curran, Senior Member, IEEE

Over the last few years, data breaches have grown in both frequency and severity. According to Gemalto, data breaches compromised 4.5 billion records in only the first half of 2018. The most recent of these high-profile scandals is the Marriott data breach, where hackers stole private details from around 500 million customers. These details include names, addresses, credit card and phone numbers, as well as passport numbers and travel details.

While it’s not the largest data breach by any means, 500 million is no small number for such a sensitive breach. The data stolen can be used by criminals to commit identity theft, where they could convince targeted individuals to give up vital, personal information, like passwords or access to banking sites. The more convincing a phishing email is, the more likely someone is to reply to it.

Data breaches on the rise

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