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We Focus on Delivering Path-Breaking Technology

Piyush-JainA product engineering company in the Aero Engines, Aerospace & Defense, Hi-Tech & Industrial, Medical Devices, Oil & Gas, Power, and Transportation verticals, Quest Global has spread across 54 locations in 13 countries including US, Canada, Singapore, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Sweden, Romania, Japan, and India. Quest Global believes in providing best services to its customers, during an email interaction with Nitisha from BISinfotech; Piyush Jain, Global Delivery Head – Software & Digital Services, QuEST Global elaborates that how company is focused on customers’ demands. He says, our deep domain experience and strong execution capabilities stand us in good stead in helping customers navigate the upcoming challenges in both making their business resilient to pandemic impact and adopting digital technologies to make it efficient and sustainable for future growth.

What are the challenges that organizations will need to overcome in their journey to become truly next-gen digital?

The biggest challenge organizations need to overcome is to have a clear strategy and a strong execution plan for bringing Digital Transformation into their businesses. The technology piece is now understood and proven. However, its application to truly solve business problems needs better focus and planning. Organizations should be wary of any rapid-fix syndrome. The adoption of digital technologies needs to be well thought through, carefully planned, and then implemented. They need to be integrated seamlessly so that the impact on continual business is minimized. Organizations should also give due consideration to talent requirements for their digital needs. It takes time to build experience working on digital technologies and so they will need to show flexibility and patience with the talent to be able to get the desired results

How do pure play engineering services companies have an edge in solving such challenges?

Engineering service companies have traditionally been working in developing products and solutions for customers and so it gives them good exposure and experience in their core domains. This comes in handy in understanding problems and issues that may come up when digital technologies are adopted in product and solution engineering going forward. Definition of appropriate use cases with a proper application of relevant technologies is key to solving real business problems for the customer and engineering service companies are better placed to do the same. Also, by being in the engineering space, there is an inherent discipline to problem-solving that engineering service companies are great at. This gives them an edge in understanding and solving the problems that may arise due to the application of digital technologies

How companies utilise the local-global business model in this endeavour is significantly benefiting the talent pool in India?

Global delivery models have been perfected by most service companies over many years in providing the best-cost solutions to customers. Going forward you may see a more hybrid model of engagement with a focus on both localization and globalization to get the best benefit of talent across locations. In the future, there won’t be a one-size-fits-all model. Companies that have invested in flexible engagement models, with a flexible workforce will be best placed to provide suitable solutions to customers. This is where the local-global business model of QuEST is going to help our customers globally.

Kindly explain the potential for the engineering workforce in India to leverage deep tech for solving global challenges faced by the Hi-Tech industry.

India has always been at the forefront of engineering talent and its adaptability to new technology changes rapidly. We have always been quick to ride the technology wave and get our workforce aligned to emerging trends and needs. However, the pace of development needs to factor in the aspect that experience and expertise take time to become proficient and both customers and suppliers will need to be patient at the same time supportive of talent development to truly benefit in solving their global challenges. At the same time, service companies will need to plan and invest in talent development initiatives that can help upgrade and multi-skill talent for emerging technology needs in the Hi-Tech industry. Problems being faced by the Hi-Tech industry are complex and it would require multi-dimensional skills to solve them. Hence, the engineering workforce in India will need to be adept at the versatility of skills, rapid learning, and flexibility of operations to solve these problems and truly benefit the customers.

What kind of challenges industry is facing due to COVID-19 pandemic?

I think the industry has done very well in handling the business continuity challenges caused by the Covid19 pandemic. Going forward the focus would be on how to come out with effective hybrid working models that allow the most efficient use of the talented workforce in getting the best business outcomes

Kindly share your marketing strategy plans for the future growth.

To fuel growth for our Hi-Tech business, we have adopted an Omni-channel marketing strategy that ensures accurate visualization of how we solve customer challenges. Ours is an integrated approach with focused storytelling spread across multiple touchpoints of our customers. For instance, we have accorded just the right amount of focus on premium tradeshow-based campaigns like CES. The interactive communications and digital strategy are helping us enhancing our social media presence. Our association with industry bodies like NASSCOM is allowing us to leverage the engineering ecosystem. We also ensure partnerships with deep-tech companies to have early access to trends and platforms. Our clients want engineering experts with deep domain knowledge to solve some of their most critical challenges. Thus, we continue to focus on delivering path-breaking technology accelerators augmented with exponential technologies for different industries.

Upcoming growth and plans for the growth of the company.

At QuEST Global, our focus continues to understand customer business problems and come out with appropriate solutions for them. We are focused on changing customer needs considering accelerated digital transformation initiatives and building the right capable capacity to help our customers in their digital journeys. Our deep domain experience and strong execution capabilities stand us in good stead in helping customers navigate the upcoming challenges in both making their business resilient to pandemic impact and adopting digital technologies to make it efficient and sustainable for future growth.


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