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This Startup’s Agenda is ‘You Drive, We Park’

Dhananjaya-BharadwajThe Delhi-based startup ParkMate, a Smart Parking Solution gives a seamless parking experience to the user and businesses. With the ParkMate application, you will never have to search for or even visit parking. Simply use their app and command where you want to go and the rest will handle by the ParkMate. The agenda of the company is “With ParkMate, You drive. We Park.” While talking with Nitisha; Dhananjaya Bharadwaj, CEO, ParkMate elaborated the parking issues in India and how he is going to solve this issue by providing one stop solution.

Kindly talk about ParkMate and its special offerings.

ParkMate is an instant parking solution which offers its users instant confirmed parking anywhere they want. In the ParkMate app, the users simply need to enter the destination, they want to visit, and once they reach the destination, they find an attendant assigned specifically for them. The attendant takes their car and parks it for them. The users can recall their car at their location with just one tap on the app. Also, when you park your car with ParkMate, it is not at the owner’s risk but at ParkMate’s risk. Every fourth time a user books a valet, ParkMate gives your car a free car wash.

How does ParkMate differentiate itself from other companies?

ParkMate is the first mover to offer hyperlocal, on-demand assisted parking solutions in India. While most other companies try to pre-book a parking space, the pre-booking comes with its own associated challenges and the user still needs to drive to the booked parking lot and then walk to their intended destination. Whereas with ParkMate, you simply need to reach your destination, the rest is taken care of by ParkMate. With ParkMate, You Drive, We Park.

How did you plan to launch this smart parking plan? Share your journey.

We have our parking attendants at major parking choke points of the city. ParkMate conducts various activities to educate Customers about its services, ranging from Social media advertisements to online and offline campaigns. The journey has been exciting and challenging at the same time.

What kind of challenges ParkMate is facing while promoting its products in the Indian market?

In India, owning a car is still considered an achievement and people are very sentimental about their cars. The biggest challenge in front of us was to instill trust among the car owners that their cars will be handled with utmost care. We have also incorporated multiple layers of safeties and interlocks within our app to reinforce trust among our users.

If we talk about the safety of vehicles. So, how ParkMate helps to keep a vehicle safe and is there any special feature for tracking such activities in this app?

All the cars handled by ParkMate are geo-tagged and geo-fenced. Every attendant that works with us is verified and goes through a robust training program. The attendants have multiple layers of safety and interlocks to ensure the safety of the cars. Every car that is parked by us, is parked only in safe and authorised parking lots. ParkMate shares 360-degree images of the cars before and after delivery of the car with the customers. ParkMate’s customised insurance solutions further cover the safety of cars against any damages, loss, damage to third parties etc.

Kindly talk about your agenda for starting this app and what will be your next plan.

I was a victim of car damage due to illegal parking. Abhimanyu faced the problem of parking congestion almost every day while going to work. Abhimanyu and I discussed our bad experiences of parking over a game of call of duty and later on, we decided to do a study on the parking industry. We conducted a survey in three major markets of New Delhi to learn the public’s opinion on the parking problem. The more we studied the parking industry the scarier it got. The parking industry has not seen any noticeable changes in the last 75 years.

How was the business last year and what will be your future agenda to attract more clients from all over the world?

ParkMate has been in operation for just over 6 months now. Till now 52% of our customers have been recurrent. We have contracts from some big businesses. We are coming up with some really innovative technology solutions for the parking industry. We are also expanding our customer base by new service offerings.


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