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A Japanese Project for Development of De-Carbonization Society

Impact Clean Power Technology S.A., ITOCHU Plantech Inc. and Toshiba Energy Systems and Solutions Corp. started the development of a hydrogen fuel cell system dedicated for heavy duty transportation. The Fuel Cell Stack is designed by Toshiba and the device has double longer lifetime than ever existing.

IMPACT“We already have more than 10 years of experience in providing hydrogen vehicle solutions around the world,” said Bartłomiej Kras, CEO of ICPT S.A. – We are looking at hydrogen as an energy carrier of the near future.

To make it happen, hydrogen must be produced by electrolysers from renewable sources and the whole economy must be switched to hydrogen-based green energy production and a support system. This means switching from natural gas to hydrogen, and it seems it will be a 10–15 years process. A joint project to develop and deploy a hydrogen cell could significantly accelerate the growth of this promising industry.

Based on a Memorandum of Understanding among the three parties which were concluded last year, the parties have studied development of hydrogen fuel cell system for bus by adopting Toshiba ESS’s polymer electrolyte hydrogen fuel cell stack which has outstanding durability and stability. Now Toshiba ESS’s polymer electrolyte hydrogen fuel cell stacks have been shipped to Impact, and Impact will start testing and verification of hydrogen fuel cell system for bus as the first application.

Impact is a leading manufacturer of innovative battery systems for transportation, robotics and stationary energy storage in Europe. Combining Toshiba ESS’s high durability hydrogen fuel cell stack and Impact’s capability of system design and production, Impact aims for early commercialization of hydrogen fuel cell system for mobility which has double longer lifetime than ever existing, and will study possibility of applying to truck, train, ship etc. too in the future.

ITOCHU Plantech is in charge of coordination and logistics for this development, and will develop new application for hydrogen fuel cell with market-oriented approach by utilizing ITOCHU’s network.

Through this collaboration, Impact, ITOCHU Plantech and Toshiba ESS aim to expand business in hydrogen value chain in Europe and over the world, and to contribute to development of de-carbonization society.


Nitisha Dubey

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