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Aeris & CTECH Building a Large Ecosystem of Smart Batteries

Sameer-MahapatraAeris Communications partnership with CTECH Energy Private Limited providing disruptive and innovative lithium-ion solutions to various industry segments like UPS, ESS, OFF Grid Solar, smart city, Wi-Fi, Bank ATM, VSAT, and electric and smart mobility. Aeris IoT technology has transformed normal batteries into smart batteries. With the help of Aeris, CTECH has successfully launched smart and connected batteries for Electric Vehicles (EV), specifically addressing the needs of the B2B segment for proper battery utilization, maintenance, safety, security and even theft prevention. Sameer Mahapatra, Country Manager-India & SAARC, Aeris Communications while talking with Nitisha from BISinfotech talks about its partnership with CTECH Energy Private Limited and upcoming offerings for the industry people.

How does the partnership with Aeris & CTECH provide sustainable EV Mobility Solutions?

Aeris IoT technology transforms normal batteries into smart batteries. Aeris Connected Battery Management Solution makes possible to track, trace and remotely manage batteries deployed in electric vehicles. The solution provides vital information on battery diagnostics- SOC/ SOH, charging cycle, and immobilization of asset. It helps in predictive maintenance with regular feeds on charging status, estimates the life left in the batteries and can even predict how much longer the batteries will provide energy before they need recharging. Aeris CTECH partnership has successfully launched smart and connected batteries for Electric Vehicles (EV), specifically addressing the needs of the B2B segment for proper battery utilization, maintenance, safety , security and even theft prevention. This partnership will go a long way in building a large ecosystem of smart batteries for the Indian subcontinent enabling the growth of the EV sector.

Kindly share the ways by which IoT empowers the EV ecosystem.

IoT allows EVs to expand in new ways, with unique business models, enormous cost reductions in operations, and improved overall productivity for fleet owners. Real-time EV load forecasting and recommendations for nearby charging from IoT Enable. One of the most significant hurdles to the widespread acceptance of EVs in India is inefficient charging infrastructure. Building servers with the Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities can help operators comprehend real-time load forecast details at their charging stations (CS). Simultaneously, incorporating IoT into the EV ecosystem will allow drivers to use IoT-enabled applications to quickly locate nearby Charging Point Operators (CPOs), reducing charging time, operational costs, and the need to wait in long lines, as well as increasing the overall feasibility of charging stations and customer satisfaction. Interconnection between charging stations is now advantageous for charging point operators who are newcomers to India’s EV industry.

What is the future prediction trajectory of EV adoption in India?

This is a new sunrise spot. I. The data provided by the Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles (SMEV) are very encouraging. Over 1.56 lakh EVs were sold in 2019-2020, with two-wheelers accounting for roughly 97.5% of all EVs sold.  The adoption of EV has multipart benefits – both economically and environmentally. EV will not only help reduce carbon emission but also address air quality in polluted cities. Post lockdown, EV sector has witnessed spike, however, to sustain this growth and change consumer behaviour, elements that needs to considered are – standardisation of the charging stations is essential, vehicle financing companies to tie-up with EV companies to promote sales of EVs, support on multiple levels like on tax cuts/rebates for EV manufacturers, incentives for localisation, low interest financing options for EV buyers, support for R&D, reliable supply of the most important li-ion components including lithium, cobalt and nickel used in batteries of EVs and so on.

How is Aeris Connected Battery Management Solution beneficial for the society as a whole?

The demand for EV batteries has grown important due to the exponential rise of electric vehicles and the EV ecosystem. The battery is the EV’s heart and nervous system, and the industry is predicted to increase by 40% in the next several years. The battery segment, on the other hand, is expected to rise by 60%.

Anti-theft capabilities for batteries in the Aeris Connected Battery Management Solution include real-time, 24-hour tracking. In the event of theft, the battery can be immobilised immediately and remotely by the owner. Aeris ‘ battery geo-fencing technology adds an extra layer of security for commercial vehicles only to conduct journeys in specific areas, such as food and grocery delivery or hyperlocal courier services. Iot enabled batteries would be key to this ecosystem fuelling new business models, use cases and increasing the overall productivity of the segment.

Explain CTECH Energy’s plans to promote better performance and services from this partnership.

CTECH Energy has been pioneers in the new format battery solutions and an early adopter of IoT services. Their effort in this direction will establish them further as a credible player in the booming EV space and help them develop smarter products.

Kindly share the plans for promoting connected solutions towards a full proof EV ecosystem in India.

Aeris strategy is to build the entire stack of concept to service. Given our 2 decade linage, we have created a modular platform strategy where our platform today provides plug and play services for the EV sector and also goes deeper to differentiate the end users within the EV space. Our platform aggregates the efforts of battery intelligence, vehicle diagnostic, fintech services and customer behaviour to cover a wide industry spectrum.

According to you, what kind of challenges the electric vehicles industry is facing?

EV adoption is on the rise all around the world, and India is no different. While Indian automakers have begun to introduce high-tech EVs, several government regulations are accelerating uptake. However, there are some challenges that India’s electric vehicle industry faces, such as:

  • Lack of charging infrastructure: Comprehensive charging infrastructure is required to accommodate the rapid usage of electric vehicles in India. Aside from more charging stations, a shortage of space is a problem since consumers need a location to charge their electric vehicles. In addition, the lack of affordable renewable energy is putting strain on the coal-fired power infrastructure.
  • Financial Issue: EV customers encounter various financial issues, including limited financing options, high interest rates, high insurance costs, and limited loan options. These finance problems could stymie EV adoption in the country as the technology becomes more widely adopted. A stronger government push and laws that encourage the widespread use of electric vehicles are needed would be required to overcome these obstacles.
  • Concerns about range: Potential EV purchasers are concerned about the scope provided by an EV. They want to make sure the automobile takes them where they need to go before the battery runs out. This is due to a lack of charging stations throughout the country. As a result, there is a greater need for charging infrastructure and alternate solutions such as battery swapping stations.

What are your future marketing plans to enhance business worldwide?

While the India office overseas businesses in India, SARC, APAC, ME and Africa, plans to expand in Europe and Latin America are on the cards. This would be in addition to the existing connectivity business already present in US and Europe.


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