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A Project to Improvise Performance of Neuromorphic Chips

mentaMenta has joined the NimbleAI consortium. This project brings together 19 European partners and is funded by the European Union. Its objective is to improve the energy efficiency and performance of neuromorphic chips.

The consortium partners have been carefully selected to cover the entire semiconductor value chain to ensure that everything that results from this project is relevant to industry.

Neuromorphic engineering aims to foster the deployment of artificial intelligence-based applications by mimicking brain function. This type of technology is key for the development of the autonomous vehicle industry.

“We are delighted to contribute to the design of this 3D neuromorphic chip with our technological expertise, which is in line with Europe’s ambitions to strengthen its research capabilities and industry in the field of Artificial Intelligence,” said Vincent Markus, CEO of Menta, before adding, “our technology has been built to be easily integrated with other partners technologies that all together are critical for low power ever evolving AI inference.”

The eFPGA technology developed by Menta is an answer to the problem of obsolescence induced by Artificial Intelligence. Algorithms such as those used by AI evolve 4 times faster than the production rate of a chip. Therefore, the ability to reprogram chips after they have been produced allows them to be constantly adapted to these needs.

This is particularly true for the aeronautics, space and automotive sectors but also for the medical imagery. Menta is currently the only industrialized European solution for embedded programmable logic and is involved in several European projects such as the EPI-SGA2 Project, the PROMISE Project and the new MOSAICs-LP Project, aimed at promoting European production and competitiveness in the semiconductor industry.


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