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This Startup’s Motive is to Make E-Mobility a Reality for Every Indian Driver

Enercent is a multi-sided, integrated Energy Management Software first Platform.

Anantha-Bhargava-GollapalliEnercent Technologies works on multi-sided energy platform for EV consumers, Charging Infrastructure Owners/Operators, Parking Lots, EV OEMs and Utilities/Power Producers. The company has the Enercent app for EV users to discover Charging Stations or sockets, book time slots and pay economical tariffs, seamlessly from their smart phones. Their second app Enercent Cloud can be used for charging hosts, parking operators and utilities to manage and monetise their charging and parking assets with no upfront costs. The Bengaluru based company works on revenue sharing model with utilities and asset owners. Anantha Bhargava Gollapalli, Founder & Managing Director, Enercent during an interaction with Nitisha elaborates on the situation of the electric vehicle industry in India. He also talks about his future agenda and upcoming projects.

Kindly explain Enercent and its special offerings.

Enercent is a multi-sided, integrated Energy Management Software first Platform. We use cutting edge, fast, light-weight IoT & Communication to achieve demand response, Demand Side management, and Distributed Energy Resources, Virtual Power Plant and Storage solutions. All these are designed to bring about automation and efficiency in the EV ecosystem.

How does Enercent differentiate itself from other companies?

We provide end-to-end solutions with in-house hardware and software, fully designed and made in India, unlike some other brands that only provide a fraction of the charging solution. We are coming up with chargers to support all categories of EV’s. We also encourage local hosts to partake in the EV revolution through a revenue sharing model.

According to you, what kind of challenges electric vehicle industry is facing nowadays? How can it be resolved?

Poor infrastructure and range anxiety is the most concerning issues among people thinking to opt for electric vehicles. Lack of standardization in terms of both Ecosystem and chargers are some of the issues we are also trying to solve. We are coming up with a universal charger that can support most types of EV’s.

How was the business in the year 2021-2022 and what will be the future marketing strategy?

Last year was excellent for Enercent. Not only did we enter B2C space with our True Power App, we also launched our in-house EV Charging Hardware called OnJuice2. The product is designed and manufactured in India. With this, we ended the year as a vertically integrated, full-service provider rather than just a component vendor. Enercent also completed Series A funding in FY 21-22.  Our Future Marketing Strategy includes providing a supercharging experience. We are increasing our physical presence in all tier 1 and tier 2 cities alongside our visibility on social media platforms and related communities. The rollout of charging infrastructure from TruePower by JioThings is accelerating rapidly. Our product and its experience will make itself stand out amongst other brands.

How is your company bringing automation and efficiency to the EV ecosystem?

We are able to provide real-time energy management using AI & Big Data. We provide extremely accurate control & forecasting of energy assets. App, Hardware & Web Applications for a seamless experience to the User, Charge Host, Fleet Operator and Utilities with a focus on Ease of Use. We are democratizing power by making e-mobility a reality for every Indian driver. We ease the experience of charging with our USP of Discover and Reserve charging stations- whenever and wherever.

Is there any new development or collaboration you are planning? Kindly share.

FY22-23 is an action-packed year for us where we will be launching a full spectrum charger including DC Fast and Ultra-Fast capabilities. We will also launch Battery as a Service.  We plan on expanding our presence rapidly in real estate-corporate parks, commercial and residential spaces, malls, etc.

Any new project you are planning to introduce? Explain.

We are planning to bring fast and ultra-fast chargers to the Indian market along with a seamless user experience. Curated stopovers at strategic locations to ensure you get ‘much more’, making your EV charging convenient and enjoyable. Introducing Blockchain and Smart Contracts for charging cycles right from sourcing to dispensing.

Kindly highlight the emerging trends in the electric vehicles industry.

The future of mobility is electric, and this change is happening now globally. Shared public charging stations is the way to go. We will also see renewables and battery storage integrated with EV charging infrastructure. Lastly, the governments are increasing their influence on the e-Mobility industry by bolstering funding and policies. From an Indian standpoint, it will reduce our dependence on crude oil imports, making us self-reliant, and adding to our nation-building activity.


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