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BIS TECHNOVATORS | From Famous Robot ‘Mitra’ to Empowering Robots in the Indian Market

Kaundinya PanyamRobots are playing huge role in today’s market. Today, we have numbers of companies which widely focus on robots and making it more convenient for its customers, Bengaluru based Invento Robotics is one of them. It was founded by Balaji Vishwanathan. He started his career in Microsoft Redmond more than a decade ago. Invento Robotics’ first prototype ’Mitra’ was inaugurated at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in 2017 by PM Narendra Modi & Ivanka Trump in Hyderabad.  Since then, it has been working with multiple Fortune 500 companies like Standard Chartered, Accenture, Bosch, etc. During an exclusive interaction with Nitisha from Bisinfotech, Kaundinya Panyam -VP Marketing, Invento Robotics shares the details about its latest robots and its demands.

 Q. Please share offering of Invento Robotics catering the current market demand?

Currently we see a lot of man power crunch due to the pandemic & alarming concerns from the healthcare staff to be able to practice better standards. We have tried to adapt our technology of the robots being able to talk to the customers & navigate autonomously to help the healthcare force. Our robots screen visitors at the Fortis, Apollo, Yatarth hospitals. They also collect the critical patient information & connect them with the doctor with a 2 way video call & collect the feedback of the patient’s experience.

Q.The impact of covid19 on robotics industry? What will be your plans to cope up with such issues?   

COVID in a way accelerated the adaptation of robots – as they don’t spread viruses & are efficient in screening patients at the hospitals. We have ramped up our supply chain to be able to supply to the demand. Also we are starting with Telehealth clinics to advance the healthcare reach.

Q. What kind of new technology adoption we will be seeing in upcoming years?

We believe that the technology adaptation will be driven by the key factors like:

  • Decentralised – Online/Contactless engagements
  • Personalised services to the customers driven on data & Machine learning
  • Automated & personalised concierge services

Q. What kind of challenges and scopes you see in robotic industry?

Following are the challenges:

  • Infrastructure development – Indian ecosystem to support an end to end manufacturing of components inside the country. As the companies which have international supply chain will suffer with lockdowns.
  • Acceptance towards the robots
  • Availability 4g connectivity – to make the robot placements in public places more seamless.

Q. Lastly major trends you see catapulting and dominating the technology innovation in coming time?

  • Google & Microsoft NLP & speech recognition systems – which made the conversations easier than before. More importantly, engines like GPT3 will make the robot interactions both very wide & deep.
  • Autonomous navigation technology being built: fleet management technologies like Freedom robotics, etc. enable the robot manufacturing companies to focus on core problem statements & collaborate for Value added services.


Nitisha Dubey

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