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Servotech Aims to get Remarkable EV Charging Tech Infrastructure Across the Country

Servotech aims to develop solutions with a futuristic approach that reflects our excellence and perfection in utilizing the most advanced technologies of the present modern era.

Raman-Bhatia-big-pictureServotech Power Systems offers end-to-end manufacturing, procurement, and distribution of a range of high-end solar products, medical-grade equipment, healthcare devices as well as energy-efficient LEDs. Their extensive product catalog includes offerings such as Solar Off-Grid & Hybrid PCU, Grid-Tied Power System, Solar Modules, Solar Street Lights, Solar Home Lighting System, Micro-Inverters, Servo Stabilizers, UPS, Oxygen Concentrators, UV-C Lamps & Devices, smart LEDs, and more. Besides its vast solar, medical and lighting product portfolio, the other offering includes the originally conceptualized, designed and developed solutions for residential and commercial use. Recently, Servotech initiates the manufacturing of smart tech-driven innovative EV Chargers for installation at various EV charging stations across the country. During an interaction with Nitisha from BISinfotech; Raman Bhatia, Founder and Managing Director, Servotech Power Systems Ltd explains the value of electric vehicles and upcoming growth plans.

What sets Servotech apart?

Our legacy and expertise of over two decades in establishing solar-powered infrastructure and commissioning projects on a massive scale pan India and developing out-of-the-box solutions by integrating cutting-edge technology and modern-age innovation is part of our core strengths that sets us apart. Best known for our unique product offerings, we aim to develop solutions with a futuristic approach that reflects our excellence and perfection in utilizing the most advanced technologies of the present modern era. With a sharp concentration on quality, efficiency and durability, we bring a highly reliable set of solutions to the Indian market at unbelievable competitive pricing. Most importantly our product range is what makes us the most popular entrusted and credible brand.

Besides that, our state-of-the-facilities equipped with new-age tech infrastructure gives us an upper edge in creating brilliant solutions. Apart from our sophisticated tech apparatus, our highly specialized league of skilled personnel armed with tremendous expertise and knowledge plays an instrumental role in providing meaningful guidance and advisory to our clients to facilitate informed decision making. To cater to our clients with utmost sincerity and devotion, we believe in not just serving but building forever-lasting relationships. With a sharp focus on quality, we strive to ensure absolute client satisfaction and extend unconditional support.

Kindly tell us about Servotech’s journey since its inception and future plans.

Servotech witnessed dramatic growth over the subsequent years since its inception in 2004 with the introduction of a series of Sine-Wave inverters for industrial and domestic use. Considering the need for better energy-efficient lighting solutions, Servotech tapped on the lighting market segment by launching smart LEDs for home and commercial facilities followed by the introduction of Solar Street lights and Solar-Hybrid Inverters. With immense repute and credibility, the company managed to position itself as a giant and made its debut in the stock market by getting listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) in the year 2017. Fueled by the potential and capabilities in bringing unmatched and unparalleled products and solutions, we by the year 2019 introduced ServPort, a first-of-its-kind solar Plug-n-Play compact powerhouse solution. During the outbreak of Coronovirus in 2020, and identifying the need for intelligent and effective sanitization solutions, we launched a smart range of UV-C lamps & devices for enabling and encouraging better disinfection and sterilization practices at homes and facilities of all sorts. Servotech as part of its commitment to bridge the demand-supply gap for concentrated Oxygen generating machines during the second wave of COVID-19 in 2021, launched Rebreathe, a dedicated subsidiary brand offering medical grade Oxygen Concentrators and components. While the demand for Oxygen Concentrators was at its peak in 2021, the company emerged as one of the major providers of these life-saving devices to a large number of clinics, hospitals and households and yet again in view of the ongoing Omicron crisis, is scaling up the production aggressively to ensure timely delivery to our clients. Rising as a disruptor, Servotech continues to progress leaps and bounds by incorporating the ultra-modern techniques and practices to ensure the development of superior-grade products that could bring a change in our society and complements the environment at large. In terms of our future plans, having forayed into the EV market recently this year by launching high-tech EV charging equipment, we intend to focus on establishing a remarkable EV charging tech infrastructure across the country expeditiously and bolster the nation’s progression towards the electric revolution.

As the Indian government has extensive plans for EV and charging stations in India, what are your expectations? Please explain.

Our concentrated focus is on advancing our nation’s progress towards a clean and emission-free era. We aim to work with the nodal authorities and provide our tech-based EV charging equipment that could help in the creation of an EV charging network across India. To strengthen our government’s efforts in achieving the net-zero emissions ambitions and eliminate the reliance and dependence on fossil fuels, we are aggressively conceptualizing and creating a series of innovative solutions that could help steer our growth towards a sustainable future. Our endeavour to provide advanced EV chargers reflects our intent to lead from the front as a technology gamechanger and steer the nation towards a greener future. In terms of our expectations, we wish that the manufacturing of the power modules which are being imported from overseas will soon be initiated indigenously to speed up the process and cut the cost significantly.

How was the year 2020-21 in terms of business? Which segments are you focusing on presently?

With the outbreak of coronavirus in 2020, perceiving the challenge as an opportunity of bringing smart disinfection and sterilization devices, we launched UV-C lamps & devices. Having witnessed a high demand for such solutions, we continued to level up the creation and launch of such products in higher volumes. During the outbreak, we went beyond our limits and worked hard to harder to provide solutions that helps mitigate the risk of contracting the infection and succumbing to the disease. As the demand for Oxygen concentrators during the outbreak in 2020-2021 was gaining momentum for precautionary preparedness, we provided hefty consignments of our medical-grade Oxygen Concentrators to a large number of facilities and homes across the country. Based upon our recent foray into the EV market, we’re presently focusing on the EV charging segment and our current strategy entails close monitoring of the functioning of our installed EV chargers at all stations and fixation of critical faults and problems promptly.

What makes you enter the EV market and what are the steps being taken to achieve your goals successfully?

Going by our journey we’ve have been targeting the niche markets and aim to be ranked amongst the top 10 companies in India. The idea behind foraying into the EV market is our strong inclination towards establishing state-of-the-art technological EV charging infrastructure and bolster India’s progression towards the electric revolution. Our objective to play a pivotal role in aiding the creation of EV charging infrastructure is in line with our vision of developing solutions in accordance with the Government’s Make In India inititiave. The use of Electric Vehicles has become en-vogue amongst the younger generation and by encouraging and empowering our youth primarily to switch to new solutions, we could turn the dream of a better world into a reality. The EVs being launched by several auto brands nowadays have become much smarter and are being opted especially by the young as it offers an amazing absolute freedom of mobility and is nothing short of a style statement for them. This aspect in itself is a sign of the new generation embracing the change that ultimately prompts us to do our bit with the intent of strengthening and complementing our transition into a clean new era. We at Servotech are certain about our potential and take immense pride in introducing solutions that could benefit our entire society at large. Our new initiative of aiding the establishment of EV charging technological infrastructure across states reflects our serious deliberations for paving a path towards new avenues and possibilities. In view of the present challenging scenario when fuel prices are hitting new highs, we believe it is highly imperative to come up with a solution that could accelerate our pace in the race to become truly a self-reliant nation by adopting new technologies as India continues to see the sharpest spike in sales of electric vehicles. Servotech aims to provide its cutting-edge equipment to facilitate the creation of EV charging hubs pan India. Holding high levels talks with key officials from several major PSUs and nodal authorities on a regular basis, we’re currently devising new strategies to focus on the crucial aspects and issues that are required to be addressed and execute the plan in a phased manner. To act as an end-to-end solutions provider for the installation of the EV chargers, we are presently gearing up our tech apparatus and initially plan to install approx. 500 units of EV Chargers at different stations nationwide.

What are the present challenges in the EV space according to you and how can we cope with such challenges?

There are a number of challenges in the EV space, manufacturing smart tech-driven EV charging modules and components that are being currently imported and that too on a large scale is in itself a challenge. It requires an extremely sharp deliberation to determine what sort of equipment are needed to turn the nation’s dream of establishing EV charging infrastructure into a reality. The other challenge besides expediting the process of creation of EV charging hubs across the nation, ensuring blazing fast internet connectivity and making payment gateways free of technical glitches for seamless automation and functionality are some of the other key challenges that need to be addressed on a high priority basis. We at Servotech with the use of our inherited technological intelligence over the last two decades and recognizing innovative practices that could simplify critical complexities and complications are focusing on building EV charging solutions that not only meet the requirements in the current times but also remain to be highly useful over the coming years. In order to create futuristic EV charging solutions, we are closely working parallel to the technological reforms and standards that help us achieve our goal. By building smart EV charging infrastructure we could build more trust and faith and encourage all to switch to Electric Vehicles as their primary mode of commute. The need of the hour is not to cope but address the challenges appropriately in order to propose new solutions. Close coordination and cooperation amongst tech giants and product engineers is something that is required to be ensured at all levels. There needs to be an absolute strong involvement of the central and state governments to allocate and approve several projects in a fast and efficient manner.

Kindly tell us about your contributions during the present situation of the Omicron crisis?

With a noble objective to play an instrumental role in strengthening the preparedness and support UP government in its endeavour to ensure adequate Oxygen provision during the ongoing Omicron crisis Servotech recently secured a second project from Uttar Pradesh Medical Supplies Corporation (UPMSC) for providing medical-grade Oxygen Concentrators. Currently processing the devices for a thorough detailed inspection, testing and evaluation by experts, Servotech has planned the execution of the project by this month of January itself. Our commitment to provide the required number of Oxygen Concentrators runs parallel to the efforts of UP government in making healthcare and critical support accessible to the general public, especially during the present challenging Omicron phase. Being aware of our obligation towards society, we as a credible entity offering solutions for the welfare of society and the nation at large, perceive it as our moral responsibility to encourage all for an uncompromising precautionary preparedness and getting an Oxygen Concentrator for an immediate critical rescue during an emergency. To extend our unconditional support by contributing towards the cause of uncompromising readiness we’re also going to provide a sizeable consignment of Oxygen Concentrators to Smile Foundation as we intend to be at the forefront to assist the organization in ensuring adequate buffer stock of medical-Oxygen generating devices in order to strengthen the rapid response teams to carry out immediate rescue and critical-care operations.


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