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BIS TECHNOVATORS | CodeKindle Targets to Provide Quality Services

A Telangana based start-up, CodeKindle is the solution provider of business & education. The company is extremely committed to delivering quality advice, sales and support to assist its clients to achieve the maximum from their I.T. investment. The CodeKindle has IoT professionals for fulfilling its clients’ demands. Apart from that, it serves Mobile Application Development, Web Development, Blockchain projects, ICO, IoT Solutions, AI/ML, Computer Vision applications,etc. While talking with Nitisha from BISinfotech; Shaik Adil, Co-Founder, CodeKindle Solutions Pvt Ltd talks about its best offerings and the value of RPA for industry users.

Please share your companies’ key offerings?

Our companies’ offerings are mobile application development, web development, blockchain projects, ICO, IoT Solutions, AI/ML, computer vision applications through IoT.

Any specific use-cases defining the significant benefits of robotic processes using AI in various fields?

We have numerous options, such as; PPE/Mask/Protection kit detection using Computer Vision through custom artificial intelligence algorithms, etc.

Future of robotic process and AI in India.

Robotic Process is used for eliminating the manual human efforts for repetitive and mundane tasks. India has been a great contributor in this industry through innovation in assembly/consumer sector. Robotic process automation helps to automate the tedious tasks, thus, eliminating the human errors and executing the tasks with more efficiency and low error rate.

According to you, how artificial intelligence did help and can help the robotic market in this new normal?

The introduction of Robotic process shouldn’t be a very drastic flopover to people, as we are already dealing with these automation tools every day in and out. Robotic process through machine learning and artificial intelligence will help people in various segments such as medical, sports, weather, etc.

Challenges and future scope of Robotic processes using AI.

Robotic process will be a game changer and could be seen in every industry in near future. Thus, helping business owners/entrepreneurs focusing more on the business development rather than operations. RPA is changing the nature of business today. And as we advance further into automation during this century, organizations will need to prepare for how the future of RPA technology continues to evolve and impact the workforce.


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