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A10 Networks affirms via its stables, “aCloud Services Architecture.”

A10 Network

DELHI / BANGALORE: A10 Networks, a technology spearhead in the spectrum concerning application networking, marked the aCloud Services Architecture aimed at aiding Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) data center operators provide an opulent set of application networking and security services in the direction of their customers, besides improving business sprightliness and plummeting overall cost of proprietorship.

The aCloud Services Architecture takes account of an array of new-fangled products and integrations with 3rd-party software-defined networking (SDN) and cloud platforms that facilitate dynamic L4-7 security and application services in multi-tenant cloud data centers.

To bump into the prerequisites of public and private IaaS data center providers, the aCloud Services Architecture embraces novel virtual and hybrid virtual appliance form factors and new licensing options that qualify on-demand application delivery and security subscription services, analogous to the way other IaaS services are delivered.

It also affords feature integration with industry-leading cloud orchestration and SDN platforms, counting, Amazon’s Web Services (AWS), Cisco Systems ACI, IBM SDN VE, OpenStack, and Microsoft Windows Server Hyper-V Network Virtualization and Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager. These integrations permit A10’s physical and virtual appliances to take a dive towards dynamism and via design provision L4-7 network services per tenant network flow.


Legacy data center network architectures are archetypally static, inflexible and manually provisioned, enlisting them out of synch with emerging cloud data center business prototypes that are at the end of the day written off as what may be called as being automatically provisioned services, increased business agility, and significantly reduced cost of operations.  The aCloud Services Architecture countenances operators en route for delivering rich L4-7 network services surrounded by these fresh data center architectures by providing vital features,  that reads in the order , viz;

 •            High-performance appliances that perform a variety of resource-intensive functions, including encapsulation/decapsulation, SSL (secure sockets layer) offload and DDoS (distributed denial of service) mitigation

•             Virtualized and hybrid appliances that provide distributed service scale-out down to the host and/or tenant

•             Pay-as-you-go licensing that allows cloud data center operators to offer a variety of subscription-based L4-7 network services to their customers

•             SDN and network virtualization platform integrations with leading data center solution providers, includingCisco APIC, IBM SDN-VE, and Microsoft Windows Server Hyper-V Network Virtualization, with planned integration with VMware NSX

•             Cloud orchestration integrations with leading orchestration platforms, including OpenStack and Microsoft Systems Center Virtual Machine Manager.

A number of esteemed testimonials in this concern:-

A10 Networks

“The aCloud Services Architecture, working in concert with leading data center orchestration and SDN solutions, creates a comprehensive, high-performance, flexible and agile solution for automated service provisioning,” reportedly said Mr. Lee Chen, Founder and CEO of A10 Networks. “The addition of rich L4-7 services to public and private clouds is critical to helping our cloud service provider customers grow revenue and respond quickly and cost-effectively to market requirements.”

 A10 Customers

Deutsche Telekom

“Deutsche Telekom AG cooperated with A10 on the implementation of a scalable, carrier-grade IPv4 Softwire solution for our TeraStream pilot,” reportedly alleged Mr. Axel Clauberg, Vice President Aggregation, Transport, IP and Fixed Access at Deutsche Telekom AG. Volumnising further that “The A10 vThunder software was the first Virtualized Network Function with high bandwidth and low latency to be integrated in our Infrastructure Cloud in our TeraStream pilot network in Croatia, serving customers with up to gigabit access speeds. TeraStream is Deutsche Telekom’s drastically simplified IP architecture, running just IPv6 in the core. The scalable delivery of IPv4 is critical. A10’s willingness to work with us to implement the Lightweight 4 over 6 solutions and their execution and integration in our Network Function Virtualization (NFV) was impressive.”

Micron 21

“A10’s pay-as-you-grow cloud platform was simple and easy to set up and deploy.  With an all-inclusive pricing model, we are able to achieve quick return on investment and greater profits by increasing our product portfolio,” reportedly quipped Mr. James Braunegg, Micron 21 Director. Advancing further that- “Our clients, both locally within Australia and internationally, have the ability to add services on the fly, which can scale up and down to meet any requirement. The platform operates within a highly redundant environment ensuring customers receive on-demand world-class services, including WAF, GSLB and DDoS Protection while maintaining little financial impact.”

 A10 Partners


“Cisco and A10 Networks have partnered to integrate A10’s aCloud Services Architecture with the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) to deliver integrated and automatically provisioned layer 4-7 network services within the ACI fabric,” held Soni Jiandani, Cisco SVP of Marketing. Rhetoricising further that – “A10’s new integration with the Cisco ACI Infrastructure enables our joint data center customers to implement a single network policy via the Cisco APIC controller to ensure network security, QoS, and other network services from a central, automated orchestration system.”


“With Windows Server 2012, Microsoft introduced Hyper-V Network Virtualization, and the aCloud Services architecture builds on this capability and Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager to enable datacenter administrators to rapidly and centrally provision, manage, and monitor A10 Networks virtual and physical appliances and user policies,”  believed Vijay Tewari, Principal PM Manager, Windows Server and System Center, Microsoft. Elucidating further that “We are happy to work with A10 to help operators lower total cost of ownership through automation, centralized management and monitoring, and improve service velocity.”

keunggulan teknologi cloud computing

 Products, Licensing and Availability-

•High-performance appliances

OThunder Series with VXLAN and NVGRE support — perimeter functions per tenant, providing encapsulation/decapsulation for overlay network virtualization, available now

•Virtualized and hybrid appliances

O vThunder, Thunder 3030S HVA and 3530S HVA (hybrid virtual appliance), providing distributed service scale out per tenant including ADC and Carrier Grade Networking (CGN), available now

O vThunder AWS is also available through leading cloud service provider Amazon Web Services, available Q1

•vThunder Pay-as-You-Go licensing options

O Rental BillingModel (RBM) and Utility BillingModel (UBM), providing flexible IaaS service pricing models, available now

•SDN and network virtualization platform integrations

O Cisco APIC, available Q2

O IBM SDN-VE LBaaS Plug-in, available Q2

O Microsoft Windows Server Hyper-V Network Virtualization, available Q1

• Cloud orchestration integration

o             A10 Networks aGalaxy, available now

o             Microsoft Systems Center Virtual Machine Manager LBaaS Plug-in, available now

o             OpenStack LBaas Plug-in, available now


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