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A10 Networks Upgrades Security to Sharpen Zero Trust

A10 Networks has upgraded its solutions to help customers meet and accelerate their Zero Trust strategies after sensing the sensitive issue of rise in the number of cyberattacks happening since pandemic.

A10 NetworksZero Trust eliminates implicit trust from information technology systems, and is embodied by the maxim ‘never trust, always verify.’

“Customers are facing unprecedented increases in both threats and vulnerabilities along with a critical shortage of cybersecurity professionals. Now with threats crossing over into the physical domain, it is more critical than ever before to ensure safety, security and compliance. Service providers and enterprises are modernizing their security approaches as recommended by the Zero Trust security model to ensure digital resilience and successful business outcomes,” said Dhrupad Trivedi, president and CEO of A10 Networks.

It recognizes that internal and external threats are pervasive, and the de facto elimination of the traditional network perimeter requires a different security approach.

Every device, user, network, and application flow should be checked to remove excessive access privileges and other potential threat vectors. Multi-layered protection should incorporate controls, from i) foundational visibility into encrypted traffic streams to stop infiltration from ransomware, malware, and other common attacks, ii) application workload protection through segmentation and advanced user authorization and verification, and iii) sustainable user training in best practices to minimize risky behaviors.

Zero Trust has become a major initiative for many organizations. Gartner® observes, “the term “zero trust” has value as a shorthand way of describing a paradigm where implicit trust is removed from all of our computing infrastructures. Implicit trust is replaced with explicitly calculated, real-time adaptive trust levels for just-in-time, just-enough access to enterprise resources.”

 A10’s solutions, as part of a strong Zero Trust architecture, help security teams eliminate unnecessary risk and become more efficient. Default configurations, encrypted traffic, excessive privileges, lack of micro-segmentation and emerging attack vectors lead to exploitation by threat actors and need to be addressed. These A10 solutions are being adopted by our customers in service provider and enterprise markets.


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