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AAEON Introduces GENE-APL7 for Vaccine Research

AAEON’s GENE-APL7 3.5″ Subcompact board is deployed in medical research to develop treatments and vaccines for the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

AAEONAs the number of Coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19) cases continue to increase daily, medical researchers are working tirelessly to develop treatments and a vaccine. In the United States, where the number cases have exceeded 560,000, biotech developers are deploying blood and virus testing devices to help in this vital task. Many of these machines are powered by the GENE-APL7 subcompact board from AAEON to provide clear, accurate results for medical researchers.

With the complicated nature of a novel virus, medical experts estimate development of a vaccine for COVID-19 may take several months. The SARS-CoV-2 virus responsible for the disease is continuously evolve, with as many as 40 new variants of the strain having been discovered according to officials in Iceland. As the spread of the disease is beyond being able to contain in many countries and regions, medical researchers are in a race against time.

Testing new medicines, especially when developing vaccines, requires close monitoring of test subjects’ blood to detect the production of antibodies and reaction to viral agents. Specialized medical equipment and instruments which are used for testing blood and viruses are needed to help speed up the process while still providing critical and accurate information. Several developers of such equipment in the United States have turned to the GENE-APL7 subcompact board to help power these devices.

“As the number of infected persons continues to grow rapidly, the development of effective vaccines and treatments is crucial to the success in the fight against the pandemic. With the GENE-APL7 integrated into our customer’s blood analysis and testing equipment, medical researchers have one more vital tool to achieving this important goal,” said Alan Lan, Product Manager with AAEON’s Embedded Computing Division. “Developing a vaccine is a marathon endeavor. As of now, AAEON and our US-based customer are preparing more than 1,000 units to be deployed to help give a much-needed boost to the efforts of medical researchers,” Alan added.

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