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AAEON Monitoring for Healthy Practices in Banking

AAEON has worked with partners and developers to create solutions designed to address COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

AAEONWhile the current pandemic is winding down in some areas, many companies are rethinking what it means to do business in a world where it is key to be aware of how disease spreads. One key sector is in banking, where many kinds of customers may visit on a daily basis. In Southeast Asia, AAEON is partnering with developers to deploy the BOXER-8170AI and SCA-M01 IoT Node Board in body temperature and meeting room monitoring.

Fever detection and monitoring is an application which AAEON products such as the BOXER-8120AI, RT-620R and RT-660R are seeing great success powering in large facilities including hospitals and transit stations. However, the unique security requirements of banks generally mean there is only a single entrance which is monitored by posted security. Banks also usually don’t see crowds on the level of hospitals and metro stations, and when busy, banks are still easily managed by the security personnel present.

The SCA-M01 IoT Node Board provides a perfect solution, offering low power consumption while still providing the computing power necessary for the task with an Arm Cortex M4 MCU+FPU. Connected directly to cameras, or even embedded in the cameras themselves, the SCA-M01 helps power fever detection and facial recognition at the edge to allow immediate notification for security staff. Support for Wi-Fi and LoRa, as well as compatibility with Arm Pelion IoT Platform, allow the SCA-M01 to be easily managed by a central control platform as well.


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