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About 85 per cent of digital universe created by enterprises: EMC study

Digital Universe

EMC today declared results of the seventh edition of the EMC Digital Universe study revealing that 85% of the digital universe (DU) bits are created courtesy, the enterprises, while only two thirds are captured by the patrons and workers.

Emphasising on the role of mobility, the study stated that mobility will be a key driver of the digital universe with mobile “connected things” generating 18% of the DU in Fiscal 2014 and projected to grow to 27% by 2020.

“Currently, 60% of data in the digital universe is attributed to mature markets such as Germany, Followed by Japan and US, but by 2020, the percentage will flip and emerging markets including India, Brazil, China, Mexico and Russia will account for the majority of data,” alleged Rajesh Janey, President, EMC India and SAARC.

As stated by IDC the number of devices or things that can be connected to the internet is approaching 200 billion, with 7% (or 14 billion) already connected to and communicating over the internet. The data from these connected devices represents 2% of the world’s data today. IDC now forecasts that, by 2020, the number of connected devices will grow to 32 billion – representing 10% of the world’s data.

The Internet of Things (IoT) which encompasses of everyday objects that are equipped with unique identifiers and the ability to automatically record, report and receive data, represent 4% of the total data in India. IDC now forecasts, that by 2020, it will represent almost 10% of the country’s data.

The study, further expounds that by 2020, more than 35% of all data could be considered useful data, thanks to the growth of data from the Internet of Things, but it will be up to businesses to put this data to use. This phenomenon on the cards will present radical new ways of interacting with customers, streamlining business cycles, and reducing operational costs, stimulating trillions of dollars in opportunity aimed at businesses.

On the other hand, it presents significant challenges as businesses look to manage, store and protect the sheer volume and diversity of this data. As a case in point, IDC estimates that 50% of the data in the digital universe entail some level of protection, ranging from heightened privacy measures to fully-encrypted data. This is significant especially if we look in the context of India ranking fourth in terms of most phishing attacks globally in Fiscal 2013.


Jawed Akhtar

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