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Accenture Launches Innovation Challenge, Inspires Young Innovators Across India


Accenture has launched the Accenture Innovation Challenge to inspire and catalyze technology innovation among college students across India. The Challenge invites full-time graduate, under-graduate and post-graduate students to imagine and develop innovative ideas that can create value for people and businesses and to discover their own innovation potential.

“Millennials are keen to create an impact on the world, in particular through the work they do. It’s exciting to think about the innovation potential that new technologies offer them,” said Mohan Sekhar, senior managing director, Accenture Technology Services. “As we demonstrate in our recently launched Accenture Innovation Hub in Bengaluru, Accenture believes taking an innovation-led approach is key to success in the complex and dynamic technology landscape. It is important that we instill an innovation mindset among millennials even before they begin their professional careers, as they will dominate the future workforce.”

RaghavanIyer, managing director, Accenture Technology Services said, “We believe there are many young minds in India who have the potential to innovate and can excel in a competitive platform for innovation. The Accenture Innovation Challenge aims to do just that – inspire students to apply their technology talent, creativity and passion for change to develop innovative solutions that can create a positive impact. The contest is a platform for students to compete with the best at a national level and embark on their journey of innovation.”

This first season of the Accenture Innovation Challenge invites entries for the following categories:

Disruptive Businesses: Technology-powered ideas that can create disruptions in a market, industry/ business, process or partnership. This category encourages students to create innovative solutions that can shape various industries.

Tech for Good: Bold, radical concepts that imagine how cutting-edge technology can make the world a better place. The category is based on the premise that technology can play the role of a great leveler and catalyst in transforming society and the lives of people for the better.

The contest will award seven winning teams including the Grand Prize winner and two category winners. All winners will receive prizes worth up to Rs.1,00,000/- per member of the winning team, as well as certificates, trophies and a fast-track recruitment opportunity with Accenture. The winners will be judged by a jury panel from the business, technology and start-up fields. The shortlisted entries will be invited to present in a Grand Finale round to be held in Bengaluru towards the end of 2017.

For further info or to participate in Accenture Innovation Challenge Click Here 


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