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Accurate Sensing is a Very Critical Part of Any Smart City Solutions


Infineon’s diligence in the global chip market is worth mentioning. With crafted prudency in the power semiconductor market, Infineon is revving-up its expertise into Smart Cities and India’s mammoth 100 GW solar target. During Solar India Expo and concurrent and 4th Smart Cities India 2018 Expo, Jyoti Gazmer – Sub Editor of Bis infotech while broaching with veteran YOUVRAJ CHANDRAKAR | Director & Country Head | Power Management & Multimarket at Infineon Technologies India, explored Infineon’s trait focus and strategy in Indian market. Edited Nub.  

  1. What areas predominantly is Infineon focusing in the entire gamut of Smart City ménage?

Accurate sensing is a very critical part of any Smart City solutions. Infineon’s primary focus is our 24 GHz Radar and lighting solutions. Radar technology is unique and is an upgrade of PIR based solutions in India. So if you had explored the booths here, none of them demonstrated Radar technology. Their solutions are based on PIR or camera, which can be complemented by our Radar technology. Our key solution is based on collaboration with eluminocity and Intel using 24GHz Radar. Apart from that, on the Smart Lighting domain, we are demonstrating 100 to 150 Watt programmable lighting solution which could be used in the recent Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL) Tenders. 

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  1. Being a technology & semiconductor heavyweight, how strong is Infineon’s commitment towards India’s Smart City vision?

We have a portfolio of components for Smart City solutions, which includes our Industrial 32 Bit ARM MCU. We have a range of power supply solutions for IoT devices like our AC to DC product portfolio with high efficiency and low standby power. We have sensors enabling intelligence by gathering data on temperature, pressure, sounds and proximities of objects for Smart solutions. We continue to develop other sensor technologies that we will be introducing in the coming months.

The latest generation of CoolMOS P7 devices from Infineon can meet the power density requirement crucial in most IoT applications. We have an efficient 1-2kW solution, smaller than your palm size. With the SMD package, you can optimize the power supply and design a very high power density solution for efficient PCB design.

  1. How Infineon components are providing a backbone for the underlying smart grids, green mobility solutions, improved traffic flow and smart city infrastructure.

So in terms of solar solution, we have displayed Solar Optimizer here.  The same optimizer can be used for powering an e-rickshaw charger using MPPT . You can use this Solar Optimizer, connected to the grid and the solar panel, and draw the solar energy to convert it into the electric energy.

In solar topology, efficiency is key, so the switching should be super-efficient and our MOSFETS are able to do that. Apart from that, we have the Silicon Carbide (SiC) Diode which is also needed for the solar topology. We have customers and designs that people are using based on our SiC and MOSFET technologies. 

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  1. How are you penetrating the Indian market in terms of your solutions targeting the Indian solar market or at large the smart cities?

We are quite bullish since we know that there are close to a hundred smart cities in planning but I think it is still in its infancy stage, so as the smart cities programme develops we would be able to participate more. We definitely offer a whole range of applications that can be included as part of the Smart City concept; the smart solution we are demonstrating here – the eluminocity street light pole – is one of the devices that can be integrated with the AC to DC charger for electric vehicle; can also be integrated with smart lighting solution. Infineon’s approach is to sign up with various design houses and we are also running partnership programs with these design houses enabling them with latest products and information, and trying to build a reference or a manufacturing ready solution for the customer to take to market with reduced design cycle time. 

  1. The major concern that the government bodies, the public and the private entity are facing is the current talent pool and the kind of syllabus and what we are providing to the future talent pool of this country. So how Infineon is embarking them to bring new notions for the talent pool of the country?

Good question! We realized that we need to enable the ecosystem, not only from product but also a holistic standpoint; and hence this becomes a part of our university development initiative. Last week, we were at the Electropreneur Park, a start-up incubation initiative located in South Campus, Delhi, presenting what Infineon can offer as Smart City solutions. This is how we are enabling the youth, show-casing some of our solutions available and guiding them on what they can do with such solutions. This is only one example but Infineon is working or has initiated discussions with a whole bunch of universities including IIT Mumbai and Manav Rachna University in Faridabad. We are trying to work with them, with their academia because we realize it is important, that the future generation learns more about the kinds of technologies available in the market and prepare them for the upcoming years when they will directly work with these. Infineon always looks for solutions, which are futuristic, which is why we believe our 24GHz solution along with new CO2 sensors might be a strong component going forward. 

  1. What will you take back from 4th Smart-Cities event?

I would say events such as this Smart cities Expo provides a good networking opportunity with meaningful discussions around business development and product tie-ups. Overall, the event is good and looking at how the market is picking up offering a range of innovative products, 2019 will open new platforms for the overall semiconductor industries.

As I already mentioned we are bullish about the overall smart cities programme and the 100 smart cities initiative. Infineon definitely has a strong portfolio to support the smart city programmes in near future.

A few quick pointers I would take back with me; a feeling from the government and the general industries that there is a strong wave of all things smart that is growing, still in a nascent stage but catching up quickly. So compared to last year, when people were more talking about smart cities, this year I notice there is a drive towards a solutions approach. And this will clearly help to support the overall Smart City initiative. We look forward to becoming part of this journey.


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