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Actility & Helium Enters into Roaming Integration Alliance

Actility and Helium have declared a roaming integration partnership to unlock affordable and ubiquitous coverage for millions of IoT devices.

Actility This roaming integration is made possible by the Helium blockchain, which allows LoRaWAN compatible devices already supported by Actility to utilize coverage provided by the Helium Network and pay a fraction of the cost for data transfer.

“The growth of the Helium Network has been explosive. By creating a roaming integration with the Helium Network, we are now able to offer any LoRaWAN network, public or private, access to this coverage, enabling them to deploy applications in more markets faster with low cost and less hassle, while also bringing more users to Hotspot owners to maximize their rewards,” said Alper Yegin, Actility’s VP of Advanced Technology Development who also serves as the Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors and Chair of Technical Committee for the LoRa Alliance.

“The Helium Network’s mission and the driving force behind our decision to partner with Actility are to democratize the internet through ubiquitous connectivity,” said Helium Co-Founder and CEO Amir Haleem. “We’re proud to team up with Actility and expand connectivity to millions of IoT devices that can now roam on the largest and fastest-growing LoRaWAN network in the world.”

The interoperability is done through Actility’s ThingPark Exchange, the industry’s first and de facto standard LoRaWAN IoT peering hub.

Through this integration with ThingPark Exchange, Actility will be able to immediately bring the Helium Network coverage to 25 already connected networks worldwide, spanning large nationwide public LoRaWAN networks, multinational corporate private networks, and a set of satellite networks, giving them access to scalable, secure, and manageable peering.

As a result of this partnership, all IoT devices served by the networks that are connected to ThingPark Exchange can now roam between Helium-compatible Hotspots and the networks from all the other providers joining the peering platform, such as Actility-powered public LoRaWAN networks managed by Orange in France, KPN in the Netherlands, Proximus in Belgium, Swisscom in Switzerland, and many more.

As a founding member of the LoRa alliance, this integration signals Actility’s commitment to expand the LPWAN integration to all types of LoRaWAN networks and to advance the Helium Network ecosystem by offering to roam to both public and private LoRaWAN networks that support large-scale enterprise customers worldwide.


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