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Adadyn’s New Advertising Self-Serve Programmatic Platform Targets Global SMBs


Worldwide technology enabler, Adadyn announces its commencement of the first self-serve programmatic advertising platform of its kind, giving marketers of all sizes the tools to quickly and affordably create, fund and launch prospecting and retargeting campaigns.

Indigenously developed matching global standards, the solution are known to enable Adadyn gain market leadership across US, Europe, Japan and Australia.

This new self-serve platform comes on the heels of significant growth – over 4X YoY in 2014 – the company has experienced in the US.

According to the release; US has been leading the fray and is expected to grow its Programmatic spend to $26.78 billion by 2017. Globally, media transacted through programmatic methods will reach $36.8bn by 2019.

This landscape is plagued by several issues.  For instance,

  • Absence of a unified solution for marketers to setup, launch and manage their campaigns
  • A lack of transparency in media transactions
  • License requirements of media sources with minimum spend commitments increase the cost barriers for SMBs to overcome.

Adadyn’s end to end advertising technology platform lets the marketer setup a campaign in minutes, with the user friendly interface guiding at every step. No more dealing with multiple media sources, 3rd party vendors for audience management, campaign setup, optimization and reporting. All this, without a steep learning curve and financial barriers.

“Until now, programmatic advertising was reserved exclusively for those with the biggest budgets. Today’s announcement is evidence of our commitment to making programmatic available to all advertisers, by simplifying the process and making it easy to access quality media and state-of-the-art technologies on any budget,” said Kiran Gopinath, CEO and Founder of Adadyn.

 “Unlike other programmatic platforms, marketers can sign up independently, set any budget, and start placing ads in near real-time without any set-up fees or spend commitments added Gopinath.

Adadyn  self-serve, brings to the marketer a host of features:

  • Exchange Allocation – Access to multiple media sources, optimized to best performance
  • Multi-screen Targeting – Choose standard desktop or mobile web delivery of campaigns
  • Prospecting – Easily search and select the audience segments that best meet your target audience criteria
  • Retargeting – Easily set the Adadyn pixel to ensure optimal performance
  • Budget Pacing Controls – Spend based on individual marketing needs and goals
  • Location Targeting – Geographically target your ads for maximum relevance
  • Domain Targeting – Block sites that could be damaging your ROI
  • Personalization Rules – Intelligently prospect and retarget your audience
  • Reporting – Detailed analysis of all account variables like creatives, campaigns and sites
  • Personalized Creative – Dynamic ad creative based on past visitor behaviour

The company has also developed features specifically for travel and retail advertisers, giving marketers more options for delivering promotional and product-specific advertising.

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