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ADI’s New Compact D/A Converter Delivers Precise Testing for Wide Range of Applications from Radar to Smartphone Testing


Analog Devices (ADI) has introduced the AD9164 D/A converter moves the tester market one step closer to a universal wireless test platform with its audio to 6 GHz frequency coverage.

The new devices is sought to demonstrate high resolution radar images for designers of military and commercial radar while reducing solution component count.

Additionally, for designers of precision instrumentation equipment, such as smartphone testers, the new device ensures improved accuracy as well as speed of test, contributing to faster market-ready time while significantly decreasing tester complexity and size. Thanks to its audio to 6 GHz frequency coverage, the AD9164 D/A converter.

The AD9164 D/A Converter Delivers:

  • Highest linearity in ADI’s D/A converters portfolio
  • 100 to 1,000 times improved spectral purity versus previous generation ADI solutions (20-30 dB better)
  • Higher agility with frequency change time now a 100 times shorter than traditional ADI phased locked loop (PLL) systems

Key Nuggets Include:

  • Less component count and size enables element level digital beamforming advanced radar solutions.
  • Matching performance specifications of AD9162, the AD9164 D/A converter also includes an on-chip direct digital synthesizer (DDS) that ensures phase-coherent fast frequency hopping of less than 300 ns for up to 32 different frequencies making the AD9164 D/A converter well-suited for testing anything from AM broadcast band or Japanese FM band, to 5.8 GHz UNII band.
  • The AD9164 converter features a 2x interpolator (FIR85), which enables configurability for lower data rates and converter clocking to reduce overall system power and ease filtering requirements.
  • In mix-mode operation, this D/A converter can be configured to reconstruct RF carriers in the 2nd and 3rd Nyquist zones up to 7.5 GHz while maintaining exceptional dynamic range.

The AD9164 also comes with a unique remote evaluation tool, allowing designers to “test-drive” the D/A converter’s performance.

The remote tool is available at

Product Specifications

ProductDDS Frequency HoppingUpdate RateDirect RF SynthesisBaseband ModeNormal ModeMix-Mode
AD9164<500 ns12 GSPS6 GSPSDC to 2.5 GHzDC to 6 GHz1.5 to 7.5 GHz

Pricing and Availability

ProductSample AvailabilityFull ProductionPrice Each Per 1,000Packaging



8 mm x 8 mm CSP-BGA

11 mm x 11 mm CSP-BGA


11mm x 11mm CSP-BGA SnPb


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