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ADLINK Launches New ASM Series of Medically Certified Surgical Monitors

ADLINK Technology has presented the ASM (ADLINK Surgical Monitor) series of medically certified surgical monitors, which are designed for integration with endoscopic, microscopic, fluoroscopic, multi-modality, and other medical imaging systems.

ADLINK“If you take the five top monitors in the market and combine their best features, that is what ADLINK has done with the development of the ASM surgical monitor series,” said Andreas Holst, Project Manager Medical, ADLINK. “Particularly during the pandemic, surgeons and caregivers require high-precision monitors to quickly complete diagnoses to keep staff and patients safe, and OEMs and device manufacturers need monitors with great connectivity, functionality, and certification for easy integration into new products. This is what the ASM surgical monitor series delivers.”

The ASM series of surgical monitors are used to visualize videos and still images from a variety of clinical imaging modalities in operating theaters, intensive care units, emergency and examination rooms. ADLINK’s surgical monitors are the latest addition to ADLINK’s operating room medical device portfolio.

Surgical monitors must attain medical certification to meet a range of criteria far above those of a typical desktop display screen. In the development of the new ASM series, ADLINK analyzed the global medical imaging market to identify and combine the components, technologies, and features that provide the most effective support for critical care facilities.

These new surgical monitors offer a unique combination of advantages for medical practitioners, including superior safety and hygiene features, excellent image and color visualization, and extremely low latency to allow for more precise procedures and diagnoses without fatiguing the operator.

The ASM series of surgical monitors can be customized to meet the unique requirements of medical device OEMs. ADLINK’s hardware design concept allows for joint product customization together with the medical device OEMs in a shorter timeframe, compared to other technologies with more significant development efforts, shortening time-to-market cycles.

The medical class I (per European MDD) monitors are certified to meet standards IEC 60601-1:2012 and EN 60601-1:2013, and standards IEC 60601-1-2:2014 & EN 60601-1-2:2015, to ensure the highest level of operator and patient safety.


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