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ADLINK Presents MLC-AL & MLC-KL Series of Medical Panel Computers

ADLINK Technology has launched the MLC-AL and MLC-KL series of medical panel computers, which are specially designed for integrated system control and management of complex medical data and imagery, and offer a compact, hygienic design suited for space-constrained healthcare environments.

ADLINKInformation from different sources can be aggregated and visualized to manage many types of visual information, including operating theater videos, inventories and documentation.

“The MLC-AL and MLC-KL series are cost-effective panel computers specifically designed for critical care environments where space is limited, such as operating rooms, ICUs, emergency rooms and examination rooms,” said Ai-Yun Sun, product manager at ADLINK. “These all-in-one computers are also designed to be reliable and simple to clean and disinfect, helping safeguard patients and medical staff, particularly critical during the pandemic.”

The MLC-AL and MLC-KL panel computers help streamline patient care by supporting a range of medical applications and systems, from mobile X-rays and ventilators to blood and tissue analysis and vital sign monitoring.

MLC-AL and MLC-KL units feature a fully sealed, screw less aluminum housing with antibacterial coating and an anti-glare, edge-to-edge protective glass screen that is dust- and liquid-proof. The display provides full HD with 1920×1080 resolution for superior image quality and clear visualization.

The display’s increased brightness and wide viewing angles provide excellent visibility under the strong lighting conditions found in most surgical theaters. The multi-touch projected capacitive touch (PCAP) screen is easy to use and is available in either 13.3 inches or 15.6-inch dimensions.

MLC-AL and MLC-KL series panel computers meet standards IEC/EN 60601-1 (edition 3.1) and IEC/EN 60601-1-2 (4th edition) for safety and essential performance of medical electrical equipment and prevention of electrostatic discharge or other emissions that can interfere with other devices.

The MLC-AL and MLC-KL series offer galvanically isolated Ethernet and serial ports and are available with a range of CPU, RAM and SSD options.


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