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Advanced Energy Unveils New 10kW DC Power Supply

The new unit is the first AE power supply to embed PowerInsight process characterization and optimization software.

Advanced Energy has extended its portfolio of plasma power generators with a 10 kW pulsed DC power supply that combines industry-leading power and control capabilities with PowerInsight by Advanced Energy embedded process optimization software.

Advanced Energy DC Power SupplyWith patented pulsing technology, the Ascent SMS AP (Advanced Pulsing) power supply brings optimal arc management and precise plasma control to the most challenging thin film deposition applications ranging from semiconductor to solar PV manufacturing.

“Advanced Energy continues to push the performance of pulsed DC power supplies with unprecedented adaptability in single-magnetron sputtering applications,” said Dhaval Dhayatkar, senior director of marketing, plasma power products at Advanced Energy. “Packed with our most advanced technologies including a highly configurable waveform, progressive arc management, best-in-class SOA, wide frequency range and our PowerInsight process optimization software, the new 10 kW Ascent SMS AP power supply enables our customers to achieve the highest possible levels of precision, repeatability and yield in advanced semiconductor processes.”

The compact 10 kW Ascent SMS AP has the widest safe operating area (SOA) with peak voltages up to 1200 V and frequencies from 0.5 to 150 kHz. Its four-block progressive arc management system with a full voltage reversal is the industry’s most advanced solution, providing the lowest arc energy with available self-adjusting arc parameters that will dynamically move with the process.

The AP waveform delivers boost voltage, reverse voltage control and advanced pulse shaping that enables fine-tuning to tailor film morphology and desired film properties.

The new unit is the first AE power supply to embed PowerInsight process characterization and optimization software.

Simplifying the collection, analysis and translation of data from critical power delivery systems, PowerInsight provides actionable intelligence that can be applied to optimize processes for improved throughput and yield, as well as reduce unplanned downtime of process equipment.

With PowerInsight, Advanced Energy’s pulsed DC power supplies minimize arcing while enhancing deposition rate, film morphology and film properties.


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