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How Advancements in Wireless Communications and 5G/LTE Technologies are Transforming Businesses

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The transportation industry is facing a future where smart and driverless vehicles will become part of the service ecosystem; vehicle-to-infrastructure communication will become deeply necessary. However, it will need a high-speed, wireless data network to decrease analytical complexities and operational costs. Also, industries relying on vehicle-based services will need to meet consumer needs by undergoing a significant change in data strategies. Additionally, vehicle-to-vehicle/infrastructure communication, in order to reduce accidents and increase efficiency, would need to support high density with very low latency. Vehicle operations are becoming increasingly software driven and automation in interaction with palmtop devices are becoming unavoidable. Proliferation of 5G will be a welcome sign for companies, as consumers already expect their services to be ready in real-time, let alone in the future.

 Other industries like, the manufacturing sector, which will play a key role in such an environment, IoT serving multiple segments also needs to consider 5G necessary for the near future.

Changing times and science

Organizations may have 3G/4G mobile communication systems, but to make productive use of assets such as vehicles and service offers, 5G capabilities will be necessary soon. “Fifth generation” wireless systems were thus long expected to become the common driver for business units across multiple sectors.

Research on the subject has been on since the early 2000s. Even when 2G and 3G mobile data was perceived nonstandard for enterprises, scientific research was on its way to the “long-term evolution” (LTE). 5G technology brings the kind of speed that is adequate to stay perpetually connected.

Communication between vehicles, machines, and people

Customers are often required to provide data based on their requirements. But enriching the data environment means intelligent machine behavior based on context. Exchange of data between the consumer’s vehicle, or product, and the brand’s customer service need not require human participation for the most part in the coming years.

In case of a wireless-devices environment, one can receive alerts and notifications on mobile devices about problem resolution. This concept can also extend to OEMs, which can resolve vehicle issues based on end-user experience. This will take into account the automated equipment in plants, which can exchange data with personnel and other machines after taking inputs from the market.

Jayasimha Holkal

Technology transformation required in enterprises

A rules-based system to exchange data between personnel, customers, and public vehicles, such as cabs, trains, and buses, can initiate notifications to specific people in the business network. This will have to be conducted through a role-based authentication system, which is already prevalent. However, one must rely on digital networks that support not just multiple types of devices, but a combination of technical and service-related data in larger volumes.

The personal-device ecosystem feeds on automation applications at the enterprise end, which needs to harness data efficiently. While individual systems may have the capacity to process data quickly, a 5G network will allow the service units to integrate holistically.

Network reliability remains the central factor. That is why advancements in wireless communications and long-term evolution (LTE) technologies have become the focus for businesses and research institutes.

What 5G means for organizations:

  • Seamless data flow between automation and business-communication systems
  • Workers, external parties, and customers staying in better sync
  • Machine-to-machine communication to reduce workload
  • Faster turnaround and higher workflow integrity

How professional accountability will improve

Handling huge volumes of data across consumer devices on a global wireless network is a step forward toward professional accountability. Larger volumes of data imply more accurate understanding of service quality. Technology can also help restrain the complexity of a task from growing with respect to individuals, making accountability more transparent.

Industry leaders have always sought to make their workers feel empowered. Now they can reduce complexity by shrinking the workflow to a network of personal devices and companies, and provide vehicle-related services with data that helps respond to market expectations.

We are in the midst of a long-term evolution everywhere

What began with GSM/EDGE technologies is headed toward becoming ultra-reliable 5G wireless systems. They are the result of an evolution based on pre-existing technologies (some still in use) coupled with a new applications of radio wave. In 2015, 3GPP played a landmark role approving 4.5G or LTE-Advanced Pro, and it has kept alive the European dream of going 5G by 2020.

Essential sectors like hospitality, utilities, transport, and manufacturing will be able to offer a more user-friendly service without anyone in the ecosystem having to rely on complex task administration. Wireless devices themselves will have the power to use networks and exchange data with other wireless devices across service providers.

About Author:

Jayasimha has over 24 years of experience in architecting, developing and delivering solutions and products in connectivity areas in the domains of portable devices, consumer electronics, automotive and IoT. Jayasimha is currently working as a Senior Architect in Product Engineering services, keeping track on emergence and advancements of technologies, and supporting solutions in connectivity areas across Sasken.


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