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BIS TECHNOVATORS | AI can Help Companies Achieve End-to-end Automation

Ganesh Gopalan

Artificial intelligence has a wide range of advancement. From computer science to making smart buildings everything is only one step away. It has not only made our life easier but has also provided a vast enhancement to the tech industry. Gnani AI, a well known start-up company has a team of highly passionate technologists, Solution Experts, and Speech Engineers, who works on new-age technologies like ASR, NLP, and AI. The company has been working to build Conversational AI machinery for enterprises globally. During an exclusive interaction with Nitisha from BisInfotech, Ganesh Gopalan, CEO and Co-founder shares his future plans and the company’s roadmap.

Q. The idea behind the launch of Integrated Speech Solution and how is it going to help defence industry?

AI-based Speech Recognition technology is a necessity and is quickly making its way in becoming part of modern warfare. We believe AI has the potential to transform and improve the communication systems and will help strengthen Indian Armed forces. Many government agencies globally are today considering Artificial Intelligence to improve “Communication Intelligence”

Understanding linguistic nuances such as phoneme and dialects is a challenge especially when it comes to international languages. Our end-to-end voice translation system uses Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Machine Translation and Speech-to-Text and is designed to help armed forces, intelligence agencies and local law enforcement authorities in improving communication systems. We are committed to doing whatever we can to help our country, government and ministries to leverage Conversational AI technologies.

We have a reputation for building ASR and NLP engines from scratch which has proven accuracy and efficiency better than the contemporaries. We are working on creating pre-trained speech models and NLP libraries for specific use cases for defence forces and many more sectors.

Q.  Which sectors are your pivotal focus and Indian market strategies?  

We work across various sectors such as BFSI, Telecom, e-commerce, FMCG, Defence, Aviation, Manufacturing and many more. We are a Samsung venture-invested company and probably the only start-up in the Conversational AI space to have built in-house Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engines for multiple global languages. We have our own Proprietary Speech Technology, trained from scratch. Today, our speech engines have been benchmarked to be the most accurate in the industry, beating global competitors for many languages

Q.  Has Covid 19 impacted your industry? How do you plan to cope up with such situations?  

The current uncertain environment with its unique focus on contactless solutions has led to an acceleration of the acceptance of technology solutions. Customers are now clear that change is inevitable and moving towards adopting new technologies. We are also creating specific technology products based on speech recognition, Voice Biometrics and Omnichannel Analytics for the opportunities that are being created due to the new environment across various sectors and demographics.

Q. Apart from India, which market are you looking for in the future?  

The Conversational AI market is booming at both global and regional levels as well. The BFSI and e-commerce sector has seen tremendous adoption of AI and we see the similar demand and growth coming from healthcare, defence and FMCG sector as well. At Gnani we have been working with global players and clientele and are not geo-centric. US is an important market for us and we have already seen some great response and traction coming from that market. We will see us focusing a lot more on the SEA and US market in the year 2021.

Q.  What kind of challenges do you see in your respective industry?  

The lack of awareness of Conversational AI acts as a key restraining factor in the market. The quality and use of data, accessing the right skills, integrating with other agencies, building trust (internally and externally), managing organizational change, or simply getting the right digital infrastructure are some of the components that should be in place to even begin advancing AI.

Q.  Please share future marketing plans and upcoming projects? 

We plan to leverage new – age digital marketing practices to create awareness and education among our target audience. We believe Conversational AI can help companies achieve end-to-end automation whilst maintaining a great CX at less than 1/3 of their OPEX. In that regard, we’re optimistic about spreading the word on the capabilities speech technologies can bring to the table via a healthy mix of TTL, BTL and organic channels.

Q. Lastly major trends you see catapulting and dominating the technology innovation in coming time? 

We will see a lot of push on AI and unmanned capabilities in the future and believe there will be a lot more focus on bringing in AI interventions. From a technology perspective, we are seeing many sectors and verticals across markets starting to embrace the power of artificial intelligence. We need to understand that AI offers benefits that would create newer opportunities and is powerful enough to transform organizations, industries and even countries.

Our prediction in the next 5 years is we’ll witness at least 50% automation of back- office processes (like customer service) through AI technologies.


Nitisha Dubey

I am a Journalist with a post graduate degree in Journalism & Mass Communication. I love reading non-fiction books, exploring different destinations and varieties of cuisines. Biographies and historical movies are few favourites.

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