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AI Will Dominate Everywhere in the Next 10 years, says Gartner Report

Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies

At the current stage, the AI has been the buzzword and is here to stay for an ample number of years. A new Gartner report titled, “Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, 2018” stated that the rate at which deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is increasing, it will be widely available to the masses in the next 10 years

Further, the report highlighted that movements and trends like Cloud computing, the “maker” community and open source will eventually propel AI into everyone’s hands.

Among other technologies that are gaining fast traction, the research found that Blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) platforms will reach maturity in the next five to 10 years.

“Business and technology leaders will continue to face rapidly accelerating technology innovation that will profoundly impact the way they engage with their workforce, collaborate with their partners, and create products and services for their customers,” said Mike. J. Walker, Research Vice President at Gartner.

“CIOs and technology leaders should always be scanning the market along with assessing and piloting emerging technologies to identify new business opportunities with high impact potential and strategic relevance for their business,” Walker said.

The shift from compartmentalized technical infrastructure to ecosystem-enabling platforms is laying the foundations for entirely new business models that are forming the bridge between humans and technology, the research found.

Technology will continue to become more human-centric to the point where it will introduce transparency between people, businesses, and things, the report noted.

This trend is enabled by technologies such as connected home, self-healing system technology, silicon anode batteries, and smart workspace, among others.

Emerging technologies representing transparently immersive experiences are mostly on their way to the peak or — in the case of silicon anode batteries — just crossed it. The smart workspace has moved along quite a bit and is about to peak in the near future,” Walker added.


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