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AIC releases two new RSC-1C and RSC-1R storage server chassis

AIC, a leading provider of OEM/ODM server and storage solutions has released its two new RSC-1C and RSC-1R Storage Server Chassis. Both are designed for data centers which run object storage applications and can easily handle shifting storage and computing requirements.

As far as the built is concerned, both are made from non-coated, heavy-duty SPGC cold-rolled steel, has front panel for the power on/off and system reset controls.

AIC releases two new RSC-1C and RSC-1R storage server chassis

 “With the RSC-1C or RSC-1R, simply hot swap the drives,” noted CT Sun, AIC’s Chief Architect. “The drive trays and top covers are made tool-less, which makes them a breeze to install at a moment’s notice. In short, these products help data centers save cost on services and total cost of ownership.” Both products feature high-density design to save data centers on space, which will ultimately lower costs.

Key Features of RSC-1R :

  • can load up to 8 hot swap drive in one drawer
  • supports up to ATX form factor motherboard

Key Features of RSC-1C :

  • can load as many as 12 hot swap drive in one drawer
  • supports up to E-ATX form factor motherboard

The company’s new RSC-1C and RSC-1R chassis have anti-vibration materials on the fans and drive trays along with LED indicators that show the status of system power, local area network and the drive. To further absorb vibrations from the sides of the drive trays, AIC also included silicon gaskets. Both are equipped with high-end fans and power supplies to offer a better return on investment to customers.



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