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Airlines Soaring Higher Heights with Big Data Analytics

The application of big data analytics is getting the airlines industry is collecting passengers’ data to improve as well as introduce new experiences for their passengers which in return helping industry generate high revenues.

Airlines Soaring

The Big Data Analytics has a major influence everywhere at the moment and recently, the reports state that even the airlines are getting their hands on it. The primary concern of the airlines are their passengers, and big data analytics is helping them for the airlines to give their customers an experience like never before. By analyzing their passengers’ data, their choices and preferences, the big data is playing a major role to help airlines generate higher revenues.

The customer experience is not the only concern being addressed by data analytics. Marketing, pricing and network strategies are also being well handled by collecting meaningful data by analyzing the customer’s traveling trend and offering them the best price range which in return benefits the airlines.

There are concerns regarding data management which need to be dealt with, but looking more into the positive side, it might not be a problem as time ascends.

The Few Key Examples of the Application of Big Data Analytics in the Aviation Sector include:

  • Passenger Technology Solutions– an event entirely dedicated to the airline passengers has been launched just to improvise & personalize the passenger journey.
  • Black Swan Data- combines the entire passenger data with the social media trends to decide which food items should be present on the menu has helped the airlines reduce food wastage and improved the productivity.
  • FoxTripper- is helping airlines get the best places passengers would like to spend their holiday in. It uses moving map software which helps to gather information about places a person loves to be in. By collecting all such data, it is now helping to predict best places and activities for a destination.

Although there are various bumps in the road, the use of big data has already started its pace, not far are those days where getting your favorite window seat would become easy. From real-time baggage check to IoT technologies helping customers get their boarding process easy, everything will be just based on previous insights. Big data analytics has kicked in new levels to leverage customers’ experience for any trip.


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