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All-In-One Camera with Superior Imaging Quality

5mp-camerae-con Systems has recently launched an All-In-One Camera, See3CAM_50CUGM – Based on the Sony® Pregius IMX264 sensor.

See3CAM_50CUGM offers superior sensitivity and quantum efficiency (Peak QE) with its back-illuminated pixel technology and comes with a large pixel size of 3.45µm.

This fixed focus camera also features global shutter readout for distortion-free capture of fast-moving targets. Hence, it is ideal for medical, life sciences, industrial applications and more.

“The usage of cameras is becoming key to the advancement of modern medical and life science applications. As technology evolves, so are the demands for camera requirements. With our expertise in designing cameras and our understanding of these applications, we have come up with our latest product – the See3CAM_50CUG. This camera features all the essential elements necessary to meet the demanding needs for the life science industry”, said Balaji S, Business Unit Head- Medical at e-con Systems™

Key features of See3CAM_50CUGM

  • Global shutter – Helps to reduce motion distortion and image artifacts
  • Large pixel size – Provides more imaging details, even in low-light environments
  • USB3 plug-and-play – Provides throughputs capable of streaming 5MP@ 35fps & VGA @145fps
  • Trigger functionality – Ensure images can be captured at specific time intervals
  • NIR – Capture images beyond the visible range of the naked eye by utilizing IR lighting
  • High Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) – Minimizes the amount of noise to provide clear images
  • Long & short exposure – Allows to control the exposure periods from as low as 1 µs to multiple seconds
  • High Frame rate (Dynamic ROI) – Helps to capture video data of even up to 2000fps with custom resolution


Those interested in evaluating See3CAM_50CUGM can visit the online web store and purchase the product.

Customization and integration support    

e-con Systems, with its deep expertise in and knowledge of various camera interfaces, provides the necessary customization services and end-to-end integration support for See3CAM_50CUGM. It ensures that unique application requirements can be easily met.


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