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All-in-One Power Solution for Automotive Infotainment—Single IC Produces Five Rails Directly from Battery

Our connected and media driven lifestyles are a result of, or a reason for, technology’s push into every aspect of our lives, including today’s highly integrated automotive infotainment systems. The complex mix of electronic components contained in automobile infotainment systems mirrors consumer electronics: high performance microcontrollers, memory, interface, and driver ICs. The power supply picture is just as complex, as each component may require a variety of low voltage rails with wide ranging power requirements. Complexity is not limited to the infotainment systems. Automotive performance, fuel efficiency, and driver convenience features require increasingly advanced electronic systems. The power system also stands between sensitive electronics and the unwelcoming conditions of the automotive setting—namely the wide-ranging voltage and predictably transient battery environment serving as input. A well-designed power system must both power and protect electronics, even as manufacturers make the automotive environment less inviting to electronics with features such as start-stop technology.

Start-stop technology magnifies the extreme conditions that electronics must face, specifically through repeated engine cranking. A start-stop enabled car restarts the engine repeatedly, but critical systems must remain operational even as the battery supply goes through a cold crank each time—while not catastrophic, a driver suddenly singing acapella as the car’s music goes silent may not add to the car’s positive reviews.

At the other end of the spectrum, ultralow quiescent current is a critical requirement of automobile power systems. An automobile may need to sit unused for a month or more as critical always-on electronic systems quietly run, without draining the battery.

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