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Allegro MicroSystems Adds High Accuracy GMR Sensor ICs

Allegro MicroSystems has released their latest wheel speed sensor product line; meeting all the industry’s requirements from high accuracy GMR to back-biased Hall-effect sensor solutions.

Allegro MicroSystems

The A19250 and A19350 are built on Allegro’s patented GMR technology which achieves industry-leading performance and is orientation compatible as a drop-in solution to Hall-effect. The launch of these devices makes Allegro’s wheel speed product line ideal for meeting all the demanding requirements in today’s wheel speed applications.

The A19250 and A19350 GMR-based ICs are designed for use in conjunction with magnet encoder rings to measure speed and direction information. The state-of-the-art GMR technology is integrated monolithically with industry-leading signal processing algorithms, providing enhanced edge repeatability to support the high accuracy requirements with low-level differential magnetic input signals over higher operational air gaps.  GMR technology combined with differential sensing techniques offers the rejection of interfering common-mode magnetic fields.

The GMR wheel speed sensor ICs are offered in a small single-in-line-package with an integrated EMC protection capacitor and were developed for functional safety compliance according to ISO 26262 (pending assessment).

Allegro’s Hall-effect-based solutions include the ARS19200, ATS19200, and A19300 wheel speed sensor ICs. The flexibility of Hall-effect makes back-biasing a breeze. Whether the target is a magnetic encoder ring or a ferrous gear, these products offer speed or speed and direction information with high output accuracy.

The products are offered in small single-in-line-packages with integrated EMC protection and were developed for functional safety compliance according to ISO 26262 (pending assessment). For additional design-in ease, the ATS19200 is a fully integrated wheel speed sensor with EMC protection and a back-biasing magnet for a fully optimized sensor IC solution for ferrous gear applications.


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