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Alpine Linux 3.2.2 Server-Oriented Distro powered with the Latest Linux Kernel 3.18.18 LTS

Alpine Linux

Alpine Linux 3.2.2 shifts to the recently released Linux 3.18.18 LTS kernel, which is a massive update that patches multiple critical security vulnerabilities and adds support for new hardware components.

This is a bugfix release of the v3.2 musl based branch. This release is based on the 3.18.18 kernel that has some critical security fixes.

Alpine Linux 3.2.2 also includes several updated packages, such as OpenVPN 2.3.7, acf-provisioning 0.8.1, OpenSSL 1.0.1d, Quagga-nhrp 2015.07.14 snapshot, py-django 1.8.3, as well as zfs-utils

Several issues has been addressed

  • In addition to the new package versions and the upgrade to Linux kernel 3.18.18 LTS, the Alpine Linux 3.2.2 operating system fixes some of the issues reported by users since the previous release of the distribution, Alpine Linux 3.2.1.
  • Among these, a fix for an issue with the sysctl init.c script, various fixes in alpine-baselayout, for which the /etc/modules-load.d directory was created, a fix for an issue with Btrfs root in setup-disk, and a fix for a problem with generated utsrelease.h.
  • The spl package was upgraded to version and renamed to spl-utils, the ppp package was added to network-extras, the ifupdown post-deinstall/upgrade script was removed, and the EncFS and rlog packages were move from testing.
  • Lastly, fprobe-ulog was migrated to the NFLOG API (Application Programming Interface), and the NFLOG patch was fixed to no longer terminate prematurely.


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