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Altium and Fair-Rite Declares New Nexar Partnership

Altium’s business unit, Nexar has declared its new partnership with Fair-Rite to transform the electronics industry by uniting the ecosystem of companies that provide products and services related to the design and manufacturing (realization) of electronics.

NexarThrough the Nexar cloud platform, API, and associated embeddable technologies, partners can connect to the digital fabric of electronics design, vastly improving the customer experience of their products and services.

As Bridget Kane-Ferrigan, Head of Marketing at Fair-Rite, explains, “Distribution is a big part of our business. The GP&A tool showcases all of our distributors and what they have in stock up to the second; being able to remove pricing helps us showcase all of our distributing partners equally.”

For Fair-Rite, a US-based manufacturer and distributor, the GP&A tool also helps them compete in the marketplace. As Kane-Ferrigan elaborates, “With the resurgence of onshoring, Fair-Rite has the flexibility of reducing lead time utilizing our US-based manufacturing facility and for our overseas partners utilizing our wholly-owned facility in Suqian, China; thereby competitively reducing the lead time during this ongoing electronic component shortage.”

To help partners achieve these goals, Altium has launched the Nexar Global Price & Availability (GP&A) embed tool, powered by Octopart. Once partners add the GP&A tool to their websites, their customers can quickly access pricing and inventory information from authorized distributors, backed by Octopart’s best-in-class parts library and supply chain data.

“Nexar’s embeds are “mini-applications” that can be easily embedded on any web page or within an application. Supply chain and manufacturing partners can use the new GP&A tool to embed Octopart’s industry-leading search engine on their websites,” explains Ted Pawela, Chief Ecosystem Officer at Nexar.

Fair-Rite Products Corporation, a ferrite product manufacturing company, is the first partner to launch Nexar’s GP&A embed on their website, helping to expedite customer searches for stock availability from multiple distributors in one central location.

The GP&A embed tool is a plug-and-play experience that allows Fair-Rite to easily integrate the tool into their website and customize it using just a few lines of code.

Fair-Rite can easily customize the tool, and tailor their experience of how they want users to interact with data on their website, and how distributor information is displayed.


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