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Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors: Robust SMD Design In Hybrid Polymer Technology

TDK CorporationTDK Corporation has extended its range of hybrid polymer aluminium electrolytic capacitors with a new SMD series.

The components are now available in 25 V DC / 330 µF and 35 V DC / 270 µF versions, each with dimensions of 10 x 10.2 mm (d x l). The capacitors, which are RoHS-compatible and qualified to AEC-Q200, are designed for a maximum operating temperature of 125 °C and offer a long service life of at least 4000 hours.

Two electrical parameters, in particular, characterize the compact capacitors: their extremely low ESR value of ≤20 mΩ and the high ripple current capability of 2.8 A at 125 °C and 100 kHz. These excellent values are made possible by the hybrid polymer technology.

In addition to automotive electronic control units, the capacitors with the ordering codes B40900B5337M000 (330 µF) and B40900B7277M000 (270 µF) can also be used in industrial applications.

The new SMD series supplements the world’s first axial hybrid polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitors. These capacitors with dimensions of between 14 x 25 mm and 16 x 30 mm (d x l) are designed for rated voltages of 25 V, 35 V or 63 V and offer capacitance values from 390 to 2100 µF. Despite their low weight and volume, they offer a very high current capability for automotive power modules.

Main Applications

  • Automotive electronic control units
  • Industrial applications

Main Features And Benefits

  • Long service life of 4000 hours at 125 °C
  • Very low ESR of ≤20 mΩ
  • High ripple current capability of 2.8 A
  • Compact dimensions of 10 x 10.2 mm (d x l)

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