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Best Power Equipments Provides End-To-End Strategic Power Solutions For Most Critical Applications

Best Power Equipments stands as a power manufacturing brand that provides end-to-end strategic power solutions for most critical applications.

Amitansu SatpathyWith operations spun over two decades, today, Best Power Equipments stands as a power manufacturing brand that provides end-to-end strategic power solutions for most critical applications. In an elaborated exchange of notion with Niloy of BISinfotech; Amitansu Satpathy, MD, Best Power Equipments underlines their leadership in the UPS segment, lithium batteries, energy storage solutions, smart IT racks, and modularised data center solutions.

With more than 2 decades of manufacturing experience, what has been the Best Power Equipments (India) bedrock in innovation and key offerings in the Indian market?

Growing up, one phrase that was often used to motivate kids was the wise word “necessity is the mother of invention”! This has been proven time and again, as we face challenges, we find ways to cope, emotionally and physically. Similarly, the bedrock in innovation for Best Power Equipments was to play with a future-oriented
scope of developing cost-effective UPS, among other similar products.

Over the years, we have come across multitudes of products like Modular UPS, Online UPS, and other Customized Smart Track Solutions ranging from 600 VA to 8000 kVA. Further, our expertise around developing customer-oriented solutions has helped us leverage spearhead in the field. Over the years, our operations have also helped us gain recognition with certifications around isolation transformer at the output, input power factor correction, fully digital monitoring & control plus international certifications. Plus, the company’s focus on product customization, site-specific, and market-specific needs also play a significant role in building a brand in the market.

Earlier this year, Best Power Equipments has stated to target 28 per cent revenue growth in 2020-21, how much it has been achieved and the strategies company inherited to log this target.

So far, we’ve covered a substantial amount of the said target for 2020-21. With the calendar year almost at a close, Best Power Equipments has focused on improving revenue and operations via our core focus of 4.0 technologies!

Further, by implementing a strategy of a core focus on R&D, we have paired our operational efficiency with business expansion. With an implemented strategy and core focus on innovative solutions, we have been able to expand our customer base and are closer to the 28% revenue growth we aimed at.

Similar to all major technologies, the UPS supplies are also witnessing groundbreaking technical advancement and are assisting facilities and industries solve power-related issues, for e.g the wave of digitalization, miniaturization, and green data centers requirements. Your pivotal focus and technical aptness in this dynamic changing market?

Our focus is to ‘Adapt’ to the change and demand of our customers. With the market indicating a strong shift towards green energy, we are focused on improving our research and coming up with innovative
solutions for the hour. Over the years, we have been an innovative hand when it comes to designing our power solutions which are environment-friendly in all possible forms. With ‘innovation’ and ‘cost-effectiveness’ as the two primary factors in leading our operational approach, we are ready to witness and be at the forefront of technological advancements. Talking of the latest shift in trends, BPE is no longer a traditional offline company, we also focus on our social presence, inquiry-based lead generation, and other similar exercises over different digital marketing platforms. Besides, the company’s focus is on content creation on various social platforms and Sales, Service, and Marketing tools for effective business performance.

The company started its power story at Noida, India with a dream to provide energy-efficient power solutions to Indian companies. Today where can be Best Power Equipments be found and your partner ecosystem?

With operations spun over two decades, today, Best Power Equipments stands as a power manufacturing brand that provides end-to-end strategic power solutions for most critical applications. So far, we have been successful in realizing ourselves as the largest supplier of high-quality UPS to various OEMs widely distributed through corporate partners and system integrators.

We initiated operations by supplying products for manufacturing units, Banks, Industrial segments, Telecom industries, etc. This diversification helped in its business growth. Today, BPE is well known for the entire
range of UPS products along with a wide range of UPS, Lithium batteries, Energy storage solutions, smart IT racks, and modularised data center solutions.

With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, testing labs, and research & development facilities at multiple locations in India which employs more than 350 people, Best Power Equipment has been successful in realizing its vision so far. Today, BPE has expanded to international markets including the Philippines’, Germany, Turkey, Singapore, Australia, Dubai, and Taiwan. BPE has served over 2 million customers from 6 industries including industrial & plant automation, IT/ITES BPO services, banking, insurance & finance, government sector, corporate sector, and smallscale businesses all over the world.

Can you highlight your esteem clients and also after-sales services strategy?

BPE’s clientele in India includes Dominos, IDBI Bank, Punjab National Bank, Pantaloon Retail (I) Pvt. Ltd., Axis Bank, Big Bazar, Mahindra Finance, Muthoot Finance, Konica Minolata Healthcare, Private Limited, HDFC Bank & many more. Major Call Center Like Tata Consultancy Talking of our after-sales strategy, we strive to provide our customers with a seamless service approach. With simplified, over the clock services, we enable customers to minimize business interruptions, improve system availability, enhance the manageability of power devices and optimize the cost of ownership.

Lastly, key announcements reckoned and strategies to foray ahead into this bullish market in the next fiscal year?

We have recently set up a factory at Greater Noida, which is more than 20,000 sq feet, for manufacturing UPS for the Indian market. With business expansion, we aim to expand to other industry segments & target 40 to 50 per cent in the Indian market. We aim to achieve approximately 250 crore turnover for the year 2021-22. We are focusing on product stability, quality and price competitive products in the next fiscal year.


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