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An Edgehog Day miracle!

By Shamik Mishra, VP Research & Innovation and Global Industry Chief Architect, Altran and Mahdi Yahya, CEO and Founder, Ori Industries

WriterIt is happening! After all the talk and hype, operators and enterprises are making the transition from 4G to 5G. What might look like a slow, gradual shift is now actually a breakneck transition compared to previous generations, with organizations across the world now moving their operations onto the cloud at a faster rate than ever before.

5G will bring in dynamic use cases for truly innovative technologies like AR and VR gaming, IoT powered homes, smart roads and interconnected cityscapes. These technologies will rely heavily on intelligent mobile infrastructure and cloud architecture. And that’s where edge architecture comes in. This is only the beginning of what’s truly possible, and the benefits extend to 4G, 5G and even Wi-Fi 6.

Edgehog Day: Building a community at the edge

So far, most of the industry discussions about the edge have largely centered on standards and hypothetical deployments. That’s what makes Edgehog Day different. The conference hosted by Ori Industries and Altran on November 3 will bring together not just edge thought leaders – but technology leaders who are actually deploying edge architecture and creating real-world applications with hands-on experience.

The day will kick off with Altran’s VP and Global Industry Chief Architect, Shamik Mishra and Ori Industries CEO and Founder, Mahdi Yahya updating the attendees about the innovative ecosystem being built. This new initiative will offer developers a more seamless way to deploy applications globally. Operators now have the chance to launch and monetize industry use cases that are interoperable across multiple networks, technologies and geographies. This should encourage a ‘developer first’ strategy to remove any friction and build a community of true pioneers.

A few key discussions planned for the day:

  • BT and Telefonica are amongst the telco leaders spearheading edge computing. Andy Corston-Petrie, Senior Manager, Mobile Core Networks Research for BT and Juan Carlos Garcia, SVP Technology and Ecosystems at Telefonica will discuss the latest development and provide an update on their journey to the edge. They will reveal key learnings and provide a unique perspective for both other operators and application developers to foster closer collaboration
  • Sebastiaan Heijne, CEO and Founder of Gameye will highlight the explosive growth of gaming and how gaming studios now have the power to deliver action even closer to the player
  • Cheryl Razzell, VP of Engineering at Polystream will explore how a new era of immersive experiences is set to explode on to the gaming scene! When every nanosecond counts at the edge, every member of the edge ecosystem is a critical player
  • Chris Allen, CEO and Founder of Red5 Pro will discuss why video focused content delivery networks have failed to deliver real live streaming. He will chart the emerging trend of multi-directional video streaming and real time synchronized data for use cases in healthcare, education and sports
  • Jag Minhas, CEO and Founder of Sensing Feeling will outline how integrating machine learning and IoT will transform how people interact in physical spaces at the edge with machines that respond to behavior
  • Paul Colgan, SVP and Head of Telco at Kx will share their risk assessment for security at the edge. With millions, even billions of connections set to come online, there are multiple threat actors and vulnerabilities that operators and application developers must be aware of

How will this new ecosystem be different?

Altran and Ori’s new solution builds a global ecosystem that delivers federated multi-access edge computing. This involves establishing individual channels that can connect with one another so that service providers can offer the same service regardless of carrier – anywhere on the planet. This will also provide developers with a unique opportunity to optimize services according to each carrier’s 5G MEC system, rapidly accelerating development and deployment times.

Edge computing depends on the ecosystem that enables it, and this collaboration between Altran and Ori is a game changer. As the collaboration continues, the ecosystem will explore the best practices and methodologies to deploy industrial and consumer applications on 4G, 5G and beyond.

That’s why this is a must attend event for operators and enterprises who want to unlock the real benefits of the edge. To join the digital conference on edge computing, click here to reserve your spot! Mahdi and Shamik will be kicking off the event at 3:00 PM CET with a keynote speech. They’ll talk more about the partnership and what it means for the future of edge computing strategies.

The companies are working as part of multiple ecosystems, including working within the GSMA’s Operator Platform Group on strategic collaborations to build the telco edge cloud. Altran and Ori Industries are also members of the LF Edge Foundation, an umbrella organization that aims to establish an open, interoperable framework for edge computing independent of hardware, silicon, cloud or operating system.


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