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An Exceptional Start to Selectra India- Astounds Indian Telecom Industry!

arvindAn unorthodox company, Selectra is all set to enter the Indian market. In an exclusive interview with Arvind Patil, Business Head, Selectra India states his plans and goals to empower customers to make meaningful telecom decisions. BISinfotech in this edited excerpts below try to unveil this new innovative approach which is set to bring a new course of time for the Indian telecom industry.

Selectra India Entrance in India and Strategies to Astound Customers with you Cutting-Edge Services?

Selectra India is all set to create waves of difference in the conventional method of presenting services. Aimed at being the best solutions provider in the telecom industry, we are bent upon unveiling innovative ideas that help telecom subscribers make sound decisions. The major players like Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel, BSNL, Vodafone Idea have created a network of plans and packages for their subscribers.

 Internet and mobile subscribers are increasing day by day in the country. With several service providers offering numerous options, Indian users find themselves deep down in a sea of confusion. Selectra India comes to their rescue by giving them proper and accurate guidance. The comprehensive comparisons between mobile – internet plans, OTT service providers and DTH providers will not be found elsewhere. You click on our pages and get the most updated information on the telecom industry.

What’s different about Selectra India and your unusual approach to content presentation?

What’s different about Selectra India? We do not just give out information. We collect, curate, verify and evaluate every piece of data that goes on our website. You get only the best and most reliable information regarding mobile and internet plans. For those of you who are looking to find updates on the Entertainment and sports industry, look no further. Selectra India has a collection of blogs and guides that prove useful in gaining knowledge on a wide variety of telecom-related topics.

Are you a business owner? Then we have the best business plans for you. Are you a homemaker- We have affordable and cost-saving packs for you? Each customer will find customised plans according to his/her need. Delivering quality content with the best interests of the customer at heart is what we do and what we will continue to be doing. We eliminate the need for tiring searches on the internet to get comprehensive data on plans and offers. One website -complete information.

Strategies to become a transcontinental force?

Selectra saw its beginnings in 2007 when the founders Aurian and Xavier decided to start a service aimed at being the best source of reliable guidance about gas and electricity deals. Saving bills for ordinary people became the motto of the company. With the dedication and hard work pouring in from each employee, Selectra extended services into various arenas including the telecom industry. Today Selectra stands at the 653rd rank amongst the fastest-growing companies in Europe.

Our brilliant presence is seen in 17 countries across the globe. Customers in all these countries are exceedingly happy with the services we provide. You can spot us in the following countries: – India, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Brazil, Mexico, Bulgaria, Ireland, Turkey, Australia, Texas (USA), and Japan.

  • Our biggest strength -An ever-increasing loyal customer base
  • Our Constant Focus- Customer Satisfaction and empowerment

Key message you want to convey on behalf of the company?

Within 4 months of launch we started getting traction and there are about 2500 visitors daily, which represents the audience’s need and that they are consuming the required information. It’s our pleasure that we are managing to fulfil their expectations and helping them to save their bills. During this pandemic, we have seen the Digital transformation and development of telecom base. We are keener towards helping homes and businesses make the right choice of investment and save bills to support a better India!

How do you see the rapid augmentation in the growth of the Indian telecom industry?

India is witnessing exponential growth in the telecom subscriber base. Currently, India ranks at the second position with a customer base of 1.17 billion.  According to our sources, there are 765.1 million broadband customers as of February 2021. Take a look at the outstanding figures in the Indian telecom industry.


  • A huge digital economy of $1 tn is predicted by the year 2025
  • The number of internet users (active) in India is predicted to be 900 mn by the year 2025
  • It is expected that there will be 410 mn more smartphone users in India by the year 2025
  • In terms of FDI inflows, the Indian telecom sector is now at the third position with 7.1 % of the total FDI inflow
  • The telecom sector contributes to 2 Mn jobs directly and 1.8 Mn jobs indirectly.
  • Currently, the telecom sector contributes 6.5 per cent to the country’s GDP
  • It is expected that the sector will contribute 8 per cent to the GDP in 2022.

We are witnessing a telecom revolution in the country and can very proudly say that Selectra India plays a significant role in the development of an active and well-informed telecom subscriber base.


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