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An Exclusive Chat with Chetan Khona, Xilinx

Patient data privacy is perhaps the largest concern surrounding Healthcare IoT and Xilinx offers IEC 62443 grade cybersecurity support.

Chetan-KhonaXilinx, the leader in scalable Industrial IoT platforms offers heterogeneous embedded processing, I/O flexibility, hardware-based deterministic control, and comprehensive solutions for the lowest total cost of ownership. Xilinx powers intelligent and adaptive assets in harsh environments over industrial lifecycles. The Xilinx IIoT and HcIoT Solutions Stack is comprised of optimized Xilinx and ecosystem building blocks and solutions used across Industrial and Healthcare IoT platforms. During an email interaction with Nitisha; Chetan Khona, Director of Industrial, Vision, Healthcare & Sciences, Xilinx emphasized the role of AI/ML and challenges in the industry.

How do the ISM solutions optimize costs and adaptability for customers by using AI and Machine Learning?

As described on the final slide of the presentation, AMD-Xilinx solutions live at the intersection of intrinsic device requirements for Industrial, Vision, Healthcare & Sciences market requirements, support for real-time (low latency and deterministic) control and interfaces, and AI inference in a single adaptive embedded platform.  This is our differentiation and unique value proposition to customers that increasingly need all three simultaneously in their embedded designs.  All other approaches will require multiple devices which typically incur a higher total cost of ownership and are less flexible.

How does PYNQ enable remote diagnostics, predictive maintenance, and the digital twin concept?

This white paper describes this in great detail: click here

We will be running a webinar on this topic as it pertains to Kria SOMs coming up in a few weeks:

What role does IoT play in the healthcare industry?

Healthcare IoT enables connected systems and mobile health.  A great example of this is remote patient monitoring where customers can be under the care of their doctor while having the freedom and flexibility to live their lives outside of a hospital.  This has exploded in the past few years due to safety concerns with Covid and frees up space inside the hospital for more urgent medical cases.  Patient data privacy is perhaps the largest concern surrounding Healthcare IoT and Xilinx offers IEC 62443 grade cybersecurity support in our SoCs.

What are the challenges that the industry is facing in terms of technology adoption?

Time.  So much technology needs to be integrated into new products that platforming is the primary approach the industry takes to be efficient with technology adoption.  This short video discusses what Xilinx does to support adoption of new technology in an efficient manner:


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