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Exclusive Interview – Madhukar Tripathi | Associate Director- Optical Business & Marketing on Anritsu’s Web Expo Spring 2021

Madhukar TripathiPlease briefly introduce Anritsu Web Expo which is expected to showcase the company’s newest communications technology developments and test solutions.

Because of COVID-19 situation business model has changed and industry worked in new way to support customers and promote products. Anritsu as world leader and having customer centric approach opted online /Web Expo to showcase latest Test & Measurement Solutions to telecom, automotive, semiconductor industry.

This Web Expo 2021/ Online Exhibition covers mainly 4 major technology markets listed below-

  1. 5G NR Smart Device Test Solution
  2. Automotive Test Solution
  3. 5G Field Test Solution (Wired and Wireless)
  4. High Speed Test Solution.

5gNetworks featuring high-speed and large capacity, ultra-low latency and simultaneous multiple connections are evolving continuously. Please tell us what are the solutions that Anritsu is providing for this.

This is well known and established fact now that MNO, ISP are ready with high data rate/ high speed network to provide better user experience and Quality of Service (QoS) to customer and monetise High Speed. This is possible only when entire network has proper element supporting higher data rates be it cable or connector or sub subsystem.

Anritsu is offering this all-in-one test solution covering both future PCIe 6.0 evaluations and current PCIe 5.0 compliance tests to help speed its customers’ products time to market. Signal Quality Analyser MP1900A-R is a plug-in modular multichannel BERT; the PAM4 BERT module supports bit error rate (BER) measurements of 400G high-speed interfaces as well as next-generation 800G.

With high-quality waveforms up to 64 Gbaud and high input sensitivity performance, it provides strong support for PAM4 device certification. Additionally, the all-in-one Jitter Addition, Clock Recovery, Equalizer, Emphasis, PAM4 Pattern Editing, Capture, SER functions, and more, make it easy to configure a PAM4 measurement system with high-reproducibility measurement results.

In addition, The Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A series SI BERT module supports automated Jitter Tolerance tests with a Pulse Pattern Generator (PPG) outputting high-quality multichannel NRZ signals over a wideband at 2.4 to 32.1 Gbit/s, a pattern generator, a high-input-sensitivity Error Detector (ED), a jitter generator. In addition to all-in-one support for PCIe 1.0 to 5.0 Compliance Tests, the MP1900A also supports leading-edge next-generation PCIe 6.0 (PAM4 32 Gbaud) evaluation.

This way investment in Anritsu Signal Quality Analyzer- MP1900A ensures ROI and keep customer ready for testing requirement today and tomorrow.

Also please let us know what kind of Solutions Supporting the Automotive Evolution is being offered by Anritsu?

Autonomous Driving, Connected Car is now reality and most of world-renowned automotive companies are working companies in this direction. These vehicles/ cars have more and more electronics inside as compared to previous generation and connectivity is key parameter in successful acceptance of the connected cars. 5G adoption has increased expectation from automotive industry and many uses cases has been shown.

C-V2X PC5 for implementing the connected car is a key element for self-driving vehicles and is defined by 3GPP Release 14. The PC5 interface handles data communications about dangerous road conditions and driving support while the low-latency and high-reliability C-V2X communications technology makes the connected car a reality.

The LTE V2X PC5 Communications Software MX725000A works with the communications reference module, GNSS simulator, and V2X emulator software to evaluate the C-V2X PC5 communications functions, which are expected to become widespread in future vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-roadside communications. This software supports the typical use cases defined by national ITS standards.

Anritsu offers many Test and Measurement solution for automotive industry say eCall testing, Remote Key Entry, Infotainment System, e SIM, Tyre Pressure Monitoring, Cabin Audio Quality Test, In Vehicle Network test or ADAS related application Tests.

You seem to have an impressive line-up of on demand webinars. Can you please briefly let us know what to expect from these webinars?

Recently we have observed acceptance of on demand webinars very well. Anritsu is committed to provide latest test and measurement information, techniques to ecosystem.

Current Anritsu Web Expo Spring 2021 is having few webinars targeting Automotive- Connected Car V2X segment, 5G Field Test Solutions along with 5G NR RF Test solutions. These webinars provide an opportunity to learn new measurement technique- methods, market trends etc as per customers convenience- any where any time- Learning beyond Options!!

AnritsuMore webinars are available at Anritsu website within each product page.


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