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This Startup Objective is to Establish Itself as a Major Telematics Device Supplier

Trak N Tell has established itself as a forerunner in the provision of user-friendly telematics technology to OEMs in India and around the world.

Pranshu-GuptaTrak N Tell, a Gurgaon-based car telematics solutions start-up provides connected car tracking and safety devices that ensure the safety of the car and family members both on and off the road. Pranshu Gupta and Ritu Gupta are the Co-founders of the startup. Trak N Tell provides a GPS product that enables car owners and fleet owners to track their vehicles and even immobilize the car system, in case of theft by simply tapping a button on their smartphone. Trak N Tell also provides intelligent vehicle diagnostics that help in car maintenance and detection of any malfunctioning. It also alerts in case of a predictive engine failure, preventive maintenance notification, fuel monitoring system, and provides over-speeding alerts among other features. During an interaction with Nitisha; Pranshu Gupta, CEO, Trak N Tell elaborates on the situation of connected cars in India. He aims to establish Trak N Tell as a major telematics device supplier to OEMs in India and around the world.

Kindly talk about Trak N Tell and its unique offerings.

We launched Trak N Tell as a car telematics solutions start-up that provides Connected Car Tracking and Safety Devices to ensure the safety of the vehicle and family members on and off the road. In India and around the world, we offer GPS-enabled technology products to OEMs, fleet customers, and automotive aftermarkets. Our services facilitate businesses of all sizes with 24×7 visibility into their assets, allowing them to better manage their assets while extracting real-time intelligence data. Trak N Tell also offers India’s first Intelligent Android Car Stereo to customers who want to improve their experience.

How Trak N Tell differentiates itself from other companies.

Unlike other players in the market who import products from other countries, Trak N Tell is a full-fledged Make-In-India brand with its own hardware and software development teams. At Trak N Tell we have the skill, talent, discipline, and desire to contribute to the economy of our nation. In the OEM space, we are more agile and competitively priced than our competitors who offer Chinese devices. We also aspire to provide employment, invite worldwide investors and help India in becoming the manufacturing hub of the automotive telematics market.

Connected Car Tracking and Safety Devices are your expertise. What unique services do you provide and what will be the next agenda?

Trak N Tell has established itself as a forerunner in the provision of user-friendly telematics technology to OEMs in India and around the world. We provide services and products in three main categories: aftermarket telematics, aftermarket car audio, and OEM telematics. Trak N Tell connects customers to their vehicles’ sensors, analyses the data it receives from the vehicle, and allows them to monitor it from anywhere using the Trak N Tell app. The specifications include Overspeed Warnings, Tracking of Intelligent Vehicles, Engine Health Status, Engine Immobilizer, Impact Alert Calling, Car Finder/Locator, Geo-Fence Notification Panic Button, and much more. We are constantly striving to expand our presence in the connected car space in India, with the goal of delivering an Indian version of connected cars that is competitive with the technology available in Europe and North America.

Recently, Trak N Tell launched variants of Intelliplay. Can you please elaborate on its latest version?

Intelliplay first appeared on the market in 2018, and it is now available in eight different configurations. We also recently introduced three new IntelliPlay variants, which are a one-of-a-kind combination of entertainment and security technology that can be easily retrofitted into vehicles. It includes a real-time tracking system that collects data from the car and allows the owner to monitor it from anywhere using our app. The IntelliPlay includes a built-in 4G LTE SIM with enough bandwidth to stream music and entertainment to make the journey more comfortable and enjoyable. The simultaneous launch of new generation IntelliPlay variants has increased the traction of our business, product popularity, and customer base.

According to you, what challenges do companies face during the asset management system, and how can they be resolved?

Asset management is a challenge for many car telematics companies, primarily since properly managing equipment requires reliance on data and the ability to gather it in real-time. Other challenges that must be managed concurrently include obtaining and demonstrating regulatory compliance, efficiently sharing asset information, avoiding maintenance errors, and ensuring privacy. To address this, it is critical to hire a skilled team to manage the assets, and an automation product combined with an integrated solution is the ideal thing that can be done for the smooth functioning of asset management.

Kindly highlight the challenges in telematic adoption in the country.

The rapidly changing landscape of telematics and the introduction of new aftermarket and original-equipment manufacturer (OEM) installed products are capable of offerings solutions to a large customer base in India. This facilitates telematics adoption while also posing several challenges. One of the most difficult aspects of telematics is informing customers about the data being collected and how tracking mileage and driving behavior doesn’t hinder privacy. Another significant challenge for automakers is achieving consistent connectivity and changing the mindset of Indian customers, who are generally unaware of the benefits.

What will be your future marketing strategies for the future growth of your company?

Our immediate goal for the coming fiscal is to generate revenue of INR 40-50 Cr. While Trak N Tell’s primary market is India, the company has also established a presence in Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Guatemala, Guyana, and other countries where we hope to expand our client base in the coming years. Over the next five years, the company hopes to establish itself as a major telematics device supplier to OEMs in India and around the world.


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