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BIS TECHNOVATORS | Electric Vehicles Will Bring More Value to the Ecosystem

RakeshWhistleDrive, India’s Leading Urban Mobility Company that provides Technology Enabled Fleet (Cabs, Bus Shuttles, Trucks) for corporates and enterprises makes the transport operations seamless using technology as an enabler. WhistleDrive offers fully managed employee transportation and enterprise logistics services. With footprints in 12 Cities, WhistleDrive is operating with 75+ Clients with more than 8000 DCOs on their platform. Four years since inception, they are now building an Eco System of Connected Transportation Solutions to enable smart mobility of people and goods. During an exclusive interaction with Nitisha from BISinfotech; Rakesh Munnanooru, Founder & CEO, WhistleDrive shares his ahead plans and the benefits of EV in logistics industry.

Kindly explain WhistleDrive and its special offerings?

WhistleDrive is an Urban Mobility Company. We provide Employee Transportation and Enterprise Logistics for corporates and businesses. We offer a suite of solutions for the enterprises for their Mobility needs,

Whistle Fleet, an industry compliant fleet managed by an expert team to handle operational complexities in the employee journey. Whistle Shuttle is a shuttle service for last-mile connectivity from Metros and other access points across the city. Whistle 360° is a tailored and fully managed solution, which we call “Transportation As A Service (TaaS) Model. We take complete responsibility for the whole transportation processes of a company right from Rostering to Billings i.e., an End-to-End Solution. Whistle Tech is a comprehensive transportation management software solution, a SaaS Model. The Technology that is built for extensive usability, automating the most of manual processes involved in the ground operations. Whistle Truck is an inter & intra-city logistics solution for the enterprises. Providing trucks enabled with technology for moving goods across the city. Four years since inception, we are now building an Eco System of Connected Transportation Solutions to enable smart mobility of people and goods.

How is WhistleDrive different from other urban mobility companies?

Technology Innovation: Our technology platform is celebrated across the industry because of its comprehensiveness of automating most of the crucial processes involved in transportation. From rostering to billing, no-human intervention is required. Our technology has been recognized as “The Next Global Tech 50” at the World Innovators Meet 2019, and we are now an official member of the Forbes Technology Council.

Backed with years of ground operations expertise, we built a robust technology platform, which is capable of automating more than 80% of processes in the Corporate Logistics.

We Strongly believe that technology is an enabler to make processes more efficient and also, we also go that extra-mile for our customers.

What are your expectations from the Indian government?

It is a known fact that for a country to thrive, we need better transportation models. So, an Improved infrastructure and optimized fuel prices would add a lot more value to the mobility ecosystem, as well as to the economy.

Today, we see fuel prices going up almost once in every week, leaving us with no choice but to struggle. The sudden price surges are a burden for the transporters and drivers, as we couldn’t go back and negotiate with the clients on it due to beforehand commitments and in many cases, we had to work with bare minimum margins, which again brings in lot of inefficiencies in whole system.

And as we see immense market interest for Electric Vehicles, a well-planned electric charging infrastructure in the metro cities would at least drive the electric vehicle adoption in the country.

What are the pros and cons of the industry?

Though being an industry whose history dates back to decades, Logistics Industry is highly a fragmented market. Both Supply and Demand are scattered creating huge discrepancies in the transportation operations. Also adding to chaos, the technology usage in the industry is less than 10% making it even more difficult to bring in the teams together.

Worry not!

The industry is shifting gears now. With growing e-commerce and digitization across the functions, the technology usage in logistics is increasing day-by-day. We could say Covid-19 is the catalyst of this change, with country-wide lockdowns and limited resources, the businesses witnessed the value technology-backed supply chain could bring in and are keen on using technology going further.

How electric vehicles can benefit the logistics industry?

As per the reports, e-commerce deliveries will increase by 36% by 2030, which in turn creates the need for more no. of delivery vehicles and the air pollution. So, it is high time that we add Electric Vehicles in our systems. Also, on the other hand, we could save a lot of costs instead of struggling with ever-rising fuel prices. The running cost of a 3-Wheeler EV is less than Rs.1/km, but the IC engine vehicle costs about Rs.3.4/Km. Also, the cost of ownership for an Electric Vehicle is as low as 27% than an ICE vehicle. Be it in terms of cost-optimization or environmentally friendly, Electric Vehicles will bring more value to the ecosystem.

What will be your upcoming plans?

We are looking to scale PAN India in the next two years. In the last-mile urban logistics, we see a great potential for introducing Electric 3W Vehicles be it in terms of Cost-Optimization or Environmentally friendly, hence we are working with the relevant manufacturers and driver partners to drive the Electric Vehicles adoption in the logistics industry, we shall share more details on this front very soon.


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